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Child sex trade run by West Yorkshire Police with links to North Wales

Rotherham  is the tip of a nasty iceberg the worst areas for sexplotation of children is under West Yorkshire Police where the Chief Constable is a pedophile lover.  In Yorkshire and Lancashire police call child victims "scrubbers" 

It is in West Yorkshire we see children not just gang raped but murdered by Asian Gangs and the police cover-up for this new  Asian Mafia  who make millions out of  selling children into the sex trade.


A.G. Stephens a pedophile mentioned in North Wales CHild ABuse Waterhouse report 'Lost in Care 

Stephens  died in 2006, in Bradford, West Yorks protected by the West Yorks Police.  It was said that he had been dead for several weeks before neighbours were alerted by the smell! West Yorks police removed 100's of notebooks and diaries, as well as 1,000's of photos from his home. Stephens  kept prolific notes on all his dealings and and had hundreds of  compromising photos of the good and the great in Yorkshire as well as in London.  Copies of these were kept at a secret location as an insurance policy.

 Stephens  provided young boys from care in Bradford/Leeds to these parties in the 80's and 90's. His two main associates in Bradford were a pub/club owner and brewery director called Ray Buck and a prominent local solicitor named Richard Preistley and Police. 

"Lost in Care" identified Stephens and his associate Reginald Gareth Cooke as leaders of the paedophile ring operating in Wrexham in 1970's. A number of victims gave evidence against him and he was convicted in 1980 getting 3 years. The photos he kept of punters sexually abusing boys, some were seized by police at the time of his arrest. These photos includes Chief Superintendent  Gorden Anglesea,  a local judge, as well as others.

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The diaries notebooks and photographs identifying pedophiles in Yorkshire  and London Police, VIP's  were siezed by West Yorkshire Police  from his home, these of course have now been lost! (buried by the Police)

 As more and more details emerge the UK police are being shown to be not a force of Law and Order but a criminal gang  working to protect corrupt politicians  and exploit the most vulnerable members of society.
Article By uPSD 

One of the most highly emotive policing subjects over the past few years has been the shocking, and unchecked, grooming of underage children by Asian gangs. The most highly publicised and nationally-known cases feature areas close to the West Yorkshire border. Rochdale, (where Rogue Chief Sir Dan Crompton lives), and Rotherham, hometown of none other than Sir Norman Bettison.

Much less publicised is the manner in which West Yorkshire Police have sought to keep the lid on child grooming inBradford and Keighley. The issue first came into the light as far back as 2004 with the production of a Channel 4documentary called “Edge of the City“.

West Yorkshire Police, whose obsession with avoiding‘reputational damage’ outscores almost every other police force in the UK, and terrified of a repeat of the infamous 2001 Bradford riots, had turned a blind eye to this sexploitation for many years. After the Edge of the City programme they took some limited action, largely as a public relations exercise, but soon disbanded their so-called special investigation unit,Operation Parsonage. It had a very limited success rate, due to a mixture of a ‘softly-softly’ approach and the routine West Yorkshire Police ineptitude. Successful prosecutions from Parsonage could be counted on one hand.

There is, of course, the troubling and parallel issue of paedophiles operating within West Yorkshire Police. More so, than in any other Force in the country (Read more here).

Filmed over the course of a full year, with the co-operation of Bradford Council’s Social Services Department, Edge of the City focused on what it described as “the darker side of urban life in Britain“. It was pulled from its original scheduled screening after objections from the late Colin Cramphorn (pictured top right), then Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police. Channel 4 said, at the time, that the police feared the new documentary “would increase community tensions in Bradford, with the risk that it would lead to public disorder“.

These are the neighbours we don’t want to know, whose problems we don’t want to see,” read the show’s publicity. As well as following a young offender, a “fiercely independent” elderly man and a disabled couple, the documentary examined the area of child abuse then just beginning to be known as “grooming”. It reported that white girls as young as 11 years old were being sexually abused by Asian men who encouraged their dependency on drugs and alcohol, over a period of time. They were then raped repeatedly, passed around families and friends for gang rape and then turned into prostitutes.

In November 2011, a Channel 4 Dispatches programme on Muslim paedophile grooming, Britain’s Sex Gangs, was screened. Investigative journalist Tazeen Ahmad (pictured above centre) probed street grooming and also highlighted research that shows thousands of children are potentially being sexually exploited by street grooming gangs.

This still may only be the tip of the iceberg, as experts believe many crimes of this nature go unreported. Dispatches’ research for the investigation showed that, in the last five years, 40 out of the 46 men convicted of grooming offences, such as paedophilic rape, were Muslim Pakistanis.

After the programme, a spokesman for the Bradford Council for Mosques said it unreservedly condemned manipulation of young men and women for sexual or any other form of abuse.“There should be no hiding place for the culprits.”

Shakeel Aziz, a youth worker who deals with the problem of sexual groomimg in the Pakistani community, said: “I have been working with young Asian males for the last seven years in Keighley, with some work also in Bradford. Being a young Asian male myself, I have a deep understanding of what goes on in the minds of the youths I work with. In my experience, sexual grooming is an extension of other criminal activity, specifically gang association and drug selling. It’s really a jigsaw of different problems and issues in society that enforce one another. It is a lifestyle which involves all types of crime and evil and, from my perspective, everyone is a victim“.

“One of the contributing factors is cultural confusion amongst young Asian men. There is a strong influence of South East Asian culture – of family honour, marrying within the family or tribe, and near-isolation from wider society. Then there’s the other extreme, of an over-sexualised, material and lust-driven lifestyle being presented through hardcore gangsta music and movies, which degrades a man to pimp and a woman to ‘bitch’“.

Mr Aziz concluded: “The majority of young people have enough sense and understanding to make the right choices in life and follow the path of education and career-focused thinking. However, the minority who make wrong choices can end up being ‘groomed’ into drugs and gangs“.

Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadan Foundation, a leading Muslim organisation in the UK that is working for peaceful co-existence and dialogue for all communities, said: “In Bradford we have a problem because girls from care homes in Keighley and from Leeds are going to Bradford and being abused, predominantly by Pakistani gangs. There must be no hiding place for these criminals, regardless of race or background in our country and we must not shy away from speaking out.”

Mr Shafiq described the child predators as “sick and evil”, adding: “The time for ill-informed racial sensitivities on this needs to be stopped and we need immediate implementation of all elements of a new, positive action plan.”

Former MP for Keighley, Anne Cryer (pictured top left), told Parliament’s influential Home Affairs Select Committee in January 2013 that gangs of Pakistani men were allowed to prey on vulnerable young white girls for years in Bradford and Keighley, because authorities, including West Yorkshire Police, were “terrified of being called racist”.

Ann Cryer, who was MP for Keighley for 13 years before stepping down in 2010, said there had been a total failure by local police, social services, schools and hospitals in West Yorkshire to work together to address the mounting evidence of child sex exploitation that emerged a decade ago. “There has to be inter-agency working – and that wasn’t happening then”.

She added “West Yorkshire Police, Bradford Council, social services, schools, hospitals even – because abortions were taking place – none of them were working together. None of them were giving information“.

Barnado’s Chief Executive, Anne Marie Carrie, offered this well-rounded view on this very emotive topic: “I have a lifetime of experience working in children’s services, but there is nothing more shocking than child sexual exploitation. These vulnerable defenceless girls and boys, who crave love and attention, are groomed then abused in the most callous and calculated way, leaving them deeply traumatised and scarred for life”. She added: “Although I thoroughly welcome the recent attention around the issue, the children at the heart of this crime have been forgotten as discussion has focused on the ethnicity of perpetrators in high profile cases.”

During his three months in office so far, and particularly after Anne Cryer’s evidence to the HASC, there has been no press announcement from the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson. It is highly relevant to point out that he was West Yorkshire Police AuthorityChairman from 2003 to 2012. Throughout the whole of that period child grooming in Bradford and Keighley was tolerated. Paedophiles inside the Force were being protected and covered up – and Jimmy Savile‘s horrific tally of rape and child abuse also concealed from the public. (See more here).

Another series of huge failure to add to the hapless Commissioner’s collection alongside the, now nationally known,Operation Douglas scandal and latest attempt at cover-up.


Bilal Hussain and Shazad Rehman were found guilty at Bradford Crown Court on March 6th 2013 of repeatedly raping one girl and raping two other girls they picked up in the Keighley area. The girls were vulnerable and uder-age and had been found walking the streets.

Hussain, 23, of Leeds and 30-year-old Rehman, of no fixed address, pursued teenage girls between 2010 and 2011. They were jailed for 18-and-half years and 17-and-a-half years respectively. HH Judge Jonathan Rose said the men “engaged in a course of conduct which has become increasingly and depressingly familiar in this country”.

The men, known to the girls as ‘Yaz’ and ‘Naz’, had pleaded not guilty to nine rape charges and supplying cannabis and Rehman has also denied two charges of sexual assault which relate to one of the rape complainants and a fourth young girl. The pair were also charged with a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by intimidating a female witness.

Crown Prosecuting barrister Michelle Colborne QC said:”They acted together travelling from their various home addresses in Leeds and Halifax to the Keighley town centre where they specifically targeted vulnerable girls, all underage.”

She said some of the girls, none of whom can be identified, had difficult backgrounds or were emotionally fragile and may have been seeking attention. ”They were out of their depth and were supplied with strong alcohol and cannabis, enticed to believe they would have fun, that they were special. In truth what was on offer was beyond their control”.

Miss Colborne added: ”This behaviour… was designed to exploit the girls’ lack of maturity, their lack of life experience and to render them more compliant.”

Drink and drugs were given to the girls to reduce their inhibitions, or in some cases to leave them incapable of resisting sexual advances, or oblivious to them. Some of the rapes took place at the Alder House Hotel, Batley, and also at the Campanile Hotel, Bradford, after the girls, some as young as 14, had been picked up by the defendants in a silver Audi.

After one of the girls told Hussain she thought she was pregnant, he allegedly said she had to terminate the pregnancy or he would kill the baby himself.

Miss Colborne also said Rehman boasted to a woman they could get any girl they wanted and described them as ”fresh meat”.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman told the Bradford Telegraph & Argus at the end of January 2013 that 30 arrests in the Bradford area had been made. He said the arrests were as a result of a number of different investigations, but declined to comment on the nature of the operations. He said all 30 people had been released on police bail and that no charges had yet been brought against any of them.

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Children sold by Rotherham Council and Yorkshire police into sex slavery

This video tells it all!   How the Police, local Politicians and Social Services  protect serial child exploiters and abusers.  Then not content with making fortunes from the broken bodies of child victims  they arrest and persecute the children and their parents. This distraught Mum  tells the horrific story of how her child was stolen  from her and sold by social services as a sex slave into organised crime  at 13 years old.

 This mother desperately tried to save her child  by complaining about the child's abduction and forced prostitution. What do you think the result was?   Her house was raided and turned over, without a warrant,  by the Police she had complained to?

No-matter how many complaints she made her child's abductors rapists and exploiters were protected by the Police , the Council  and the MP she also complained to did nothing.   The police  finally solved the problem of the Mothers complaints by arresting the  poor child! This innocent child  has now been set-up by the police for arson  and is in prison. By these criminal methods the child and her mother were silenced and intimidated.

Another innocent  also entered this tragedy a  when the little girl became pregnant.   This baby boy has also been seized by the same people who sold the his child mother and  the  baby's Grandmother fears the little one will be also sold into sex slavery.

The Police, local politicians, Social services  and the asian men who pimp them make around £400,000 pounds from each little girl sold into sex slavery.

People  this is not  historic  not the  60's the 70's the 80's the 90's this is 2014

This is not a poor third world nation it is one of the richest nations in the world.

This in England where the Police and the Politicians are run by pedophiles involved in the child sex and exploitation billion pound industry. Its time  an outside body investigated the bank accounts of these corrupt people involved in organized crime.  The Police as a force cannot be trusted to investigate themselves because they have lost all moral compass and corruption has now become institutionalized.

Simon Danczuk MP said "Far too many innocents are sliding into an underclass as a result of violent  abuse"   This has escalated  since the 1960's when children were first drugged and sold to pedophiles by the Police and Social Services  with the support of the  Courts. The Courts  who still in the face of overwhelming evidence side with corrupt police an prosecutors who seek to silence  victims and whistle-blowers and steal evidence of Police and Politicians  criminal activities.

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Westminster pedophiles and corrupt Police force Ben Fellows into exile

Over the past six months since my “Walk Against Corruption 2013” I have been under constant surveillance by the security agencies and have been suffering Police harassment over my allegations which I made against Conservative Cabinet Minister Kenneth Clarke MP. The Metropolitan Police came to me and bullied me into making a statement against Kenneth Clarke, stating that if I refused I would be in danger in the future.

I have over the previous months cooperated with the Police and had a gentleman’s agreement to remain silent and off the internet even though that opened me out to even my supporters criticising me for this. Even after my kidnapping and arrest in the summer I remained silent. I remained silent when the Metropolitan Police tried to force me into saying that Peter Morrison a dead MP was the man I met in Ian Greers office. This was not the case. I stood by my original statement and was bailed to return again in the future. Fearing for my own safety I left the UK in November 2013 and as of January 16th 2014 I failed to return to Paddington Green Police Station for further questioning.
I am being persecuted by my own government over allegations which the Police have refused to investigate. What’s remarkable about this story is that instead of investigating my own statement and questioning Mr Clarke as a perpetrator, he has been turned into a victim by Scotland Yard and it is me who is being pursued as a potential criminal.  If we truly have freedom of speech and democracy as a registered journalist I should be able to write my own story without fear of being targeted by the state.
If Kenneth Clarke MP disagreed with my version of events the appropriate course of action was to issue legal proceedings and take me to court. This he has not done. Although I believe he is threatening publishers with law suits if they publish my articles.
The Police have already stated that there is a high level political conspiracy at play as the Cook Report tapes which filmed the events, which occurred in Ian Greers office twenty years ago have gone missing. Jack Malvern of the Times stated that the Cook Report Tapes were sent to Iron Mountain, a storage facility which subsequently had a fire which destroyed them.
During my cross examination by the Police which is a taped interview they stated that Mr Clarke couldn’t account for his whereabouts during that time.

The British press whom I have been in constant contact with over this time have refused to write about this story. This is because the press has been taken over by a group of powerful transnational corporations and even if journalists want to write about a story they are prevented from doing so, until such time as an arrest by the Police is confirmed. If the Police don’t charge anyone and I haven’t been charged with any crime, then the press are unable to cover the story. However, the story is about how wealthy individuals in our country are seemingly above the law and when you attempt to reveal their wrong doings they use the power of the state to silence and demoralise individuals using the authorities to threaten and bully individuals into silence.
 I considered my position carefully and came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t allow myself to be targeted in that way and that I would fight for the truth regardless of the consequences to my personal safety. In World War 2 our ancestors fought tyranny in their time, in East Germany the Starzi couldn’t prevent, as much as they tried, to break the spirit of man and all over the world right now people are fighting for freedom and justice. Julian Assange is in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Edward Snowdon has left the United States after revealing the extent of the surveillance operation conducted by the NSA in cooperation with GCHQ and other intelligence agencies around the globe. How many more whistleblowers, journalists and publishers have to go into exile or on the run before the country realises that they are being attacked.
 If I don’t make a stand over this issue it allows the West Minister Paedophile ring, which Tom Watson MP wanted investigated, to continue.
This means children from care homes all over the country being taken down to London and abused at places such as Dolphin Sq and at various apartments by powerful and wealthy individuals. If or when victims attempt to try and talk about this they are dismissed by the Police, not believed and many end up committing suicide later in life or have a legacy of traumatic and emotional problems which plague their adult lives.
Remember Jimmy Savile? He was only allowed to be named as a paedophile after his death and he was a BBC disc jockey. It has been revealed that the Police had literally hundreds of statements against Savile by victims but he was protected by the Police along with the others at the BBC. The BBC remains not accountable for making the conditions for paedophile’s to operate in. Why? Perhaps because it is still going on today.
The Paedophile Unit are arresting people such as Rolf Harris, Stewart Hall, Dave Lee Travis, Max Clifford etc in the hope that this will appease the general public.
The truth is that whilst low level and old men paedophiles are being arrested, the paedophile unit have known about these individuals for many years and only when it suits them do they then arrest them whilst protecting the elite paedophile rings. When is enough, enough?
Do we not care about our children, the sexual, mental and physical abuse of children? Thousands of children go missing from the UK every year where do they go? They don’t turn up anywhere they simply disappear.
Should we just put up and shut up and say to ourselves that it’s okay because it isn’t my son or daughter. Today it may not be but when the West Minister Paedophile ring lowers the age of consent it will be your children and grand children at risk.
  1. Why hasn’t Cabinet Minister Kenneth Clarke been arrested and questioned in connection with my allegations made to Police in my statement?
  2. Why have the Police turned Mr Clarke into a victim?
  3. Why hasn’t the Prime Minister been questioned regarding the missing Cook Report tapes, that he was responsible for whilst in private business when he worked for Carlton television?
  4. Why is Prime Minister David Cameron protecting the powerful West Minister Paedophile ring?
Once again hypocrisy resigns supreme. It is okay for certain celebrities to be arrested but when it comes to Politicians it’s another ball game, especially when it involves the current Prime Minister of the country.
Whilst I have been abroad I met what could only be described as a delegation of Knights Templar’s. They are disgusted by what’s occurring in their and other Masonic orders name. They gave me a ceremonial coin which reads “They Received Every Man A Penny”. It also came with a warning, that if I should return to the UK I would be set up by the Police and government at the highest levels. Of course, I had to bear in mind that the Police in the UK are Masonic, Kenneth Clarke and David Cameron are high level Mason’s and so is the judiciary, press etc  So what chance have I of a fair trial? Even if I had broken the law which I haven’t?
The Templar’s gave me a coin, which I am not allowed to have as someone who is not a Mason and it has never happened before in their entire history. The purpose of the coin, so that brethren of good conscious, whom there are many  in all walks of life, would know that I spoke the truth and that Mason’s whilst not coming out of the privacy of their organisation supported my actions.  
This is a fight over good and evil, light and dark and whilst this might be sounding biblical to some, that’s because it is. Isn’t it time for good to triumph just once, isn’t it time that we protect our children from paedophiles? We may not be able to stop these powerful individuals but we can certainly make the waters harder from them to operate in. If our politicians are our representatives then what are we saying about ourselves, if paedophile rings are allowed to continue within politics?
I have remained silent over the past six months even under pressure from the security agencies who target my articles online and attempt to cause confusion in the minds of the general public. No more. I am not afraid unlike those children who will be abused this weekend somewhere in the UK by these powerful individuals.
Until these powerful individuals such as Cabinet Minister Kenneth Clarke MP and Prime Minister David Cameron answer to the public I will remain in exile abroad in search of a country who believes in Freedom of speech, democracy and the rule of law for everyone.  
I am not depressed or suicidal and if I die in an accident it will be state sponsored murder.
Ben Fellow

Get in touch with us Ben please!

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Fiona Woolf aka Catherine Fiona Swain her Toffs background

Catherine 'Fiona' Swain [now Woolf]
May wants the  Lord Mayor of London, Catherine 'Fiona' Woolf aka Catherine FionA Swain, Fiona Woolf, Catherine Swain, Fiona Swain, Catherine WOOLF to carry out role of investigating claims of an Establishment cover-up of VIP paedophile rings, that the top corporate lawyer is also closely linked to Lord Brittan – who is likely to give evidence to her inquiry - and who the finger of blame has long been pointed at, rightly or wrongly Lord Brittan is being accused of overseeing an Establishment cover-up when Home- "Secret-ary".
Catherine Fiona Woolf CBE (née Swain); born 11 May 1948, Edinburgh, UK.
Swain Family Crest
Woolf’s Scots heritage is illustrious indeed. Her mother is Lancashire-born Margaret Swain MBE (1909-2002).
Born Margaret Helen Hart in Lancashire, she was the eldest of five children. In 1929 she went to London to train as a nurse at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and it was there that she met her future husband, Richard (Dick) Swain, then a bacteriologist.
Today we'd more likely refer to him as a microbiologist; Dick, Fiona's father, was Richard Henry Austin Swain, who among other works wrote 'Clinical virology' by R.H.A. Swain and T.C. Dodds. Edinburgh, London, E. & S. Livingston, 1967.
It was Dick’s appointment to a teaching post at Edinburgh University in 1947 that brought the family to Scotland just as the first Edinburgh International Festival was starting. At an exhibition in the Signet Library, Margaret was first made aware of Ayrshire needlework. Finding no books on the subject, she researched it for herself, and her findings were published in 1955 as The Flowerers.
Much of the work for her second book, Historical Needlework: A Study of Influences in Scotland and Northern England, published in 1970, was based on her travels round Scotland with Lady Victoria Wemyss. 
LADY VICTORIA Wemyss, who has died aged 104, was the subject, with her mother the Duchess of Portland, of a photograph taken 102 years ago which is probably the earliest surviving commercial work by the photographer Alice Hughes (1857-1939).
Lady Victoria Wemyss (nee Cavendish-Bentinck) seen below, was herself an intimate of the royal circle: her father, the sixth Duke of Portland, was Master of the Horse to Queen Victoria and her mother, the Duchess, later Mistress of the Robes to Queen Alexandra. Lady Victoria, probably the last surviving godchild of Queen Victoria, was for 57 years an Extra Woman of the Bedchamber to her cousin Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother).
The pencil drawing below by Dame Elizabeth Blackadder was accepted by the gallery in 2001. Swain was a celebrated historian in the field of embroidery and textiles.  While in Glasgow promoting British professional services to the Commonwealth nations, Woolf was signed up to the GlobalScot network of influential global businesspeople by Holyrood’s minister for energy, enterprise and tourism, Fergus Ewing.
Fiona Woolf, Lord Mayor of London. Picture: Greg Macvean
Fiona Woolf, Lord Mayor of London. Picture: Greg Macvean.Source
According to The Mail 
She sits on the board of a City of London conference with Lord Brittan, who is accused of overseeing an Establishment cover-up when he was Home Secretary.
Judges an annual City award scheme alongside Lord Brittan’s wife, Diana.
Gave Lord Brittan’s wife a £50 donation and a friendly good-luck message when she took part in a charity fun run last year.
Has been a neighbour of Lord and Lady Brittan in the same exclusive London street for the past decade.
Lord Brittan is accused of overseeing an Establishment cover-up when he was Home Secretary
Lord Brittan above is accused of overseeing an Establishment cover-up when he was Home Secretary - Source
She is a governor of the elite Guildhall School of Music where pupils are said to have been abused.
Is a patron of a body for female lawyers along with Labour’s Harriet Harman, whose National Council of Civil Liberties once had links to the notorious PIE paedophile group. - The Mail 7 September 2014
Fiona went to St. Margaret's School, in the Newington area of Edinburgh, Scotland. The school was famous in Edinburgh city as a prestigious, private, elite all-female school in which fee-paying every term was mandatory and said to be for the 'upper classes'.
She read Law and Psychology at the University of Keele,Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England.
Completed her master's studies at the University of Strasbourg in Strasbourg, Alsace, France.
Qualified as a solicitor in 1973 and worked as an assistant at Clifford Chance LLP until 1978. It's a multinational law firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom and a member of the "Magic Circle" an informal term for what are generally considered the five leading law firms headquartered in the United Kingdom,and the four or five leading London-based commercial barristers'chambers.
Baroness Butler-Schloss stood down because her brother Lord Havers served in the same Cabinet as Lord Brittan; 
Chairmen past and present: Baroness Butler-Schloss (above) stood down because her brother Lord Havers was Attorney General during the 1980s, when he tried to dissuade the Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens from revealing that senior diplomat Sir Peter Hayman was a paedophile; Fiona Woolf (below).  Source of both photos The Mail
"As above, as below!" 
 Fiona Woolf, the Lord Mayor of London, replaced her but she, too, has links to Leon Brittan
She then moved to CMS Cameron McKenna becoming a partner in 1981 until 2004. They too are a multinational law firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom. When considered as a single firm, CMS ranked 7th by number of lawyers and 22nd by turnover in The American Lawyer 2012 Global 100.
In 2001–02 Woolf was awarded a Senior Fellowship at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University (also known as Harvard Kennedy School and HKS)[1] is a public policy and public administration school, and one of Harvard's graduate and professional schools.
She's a Honorary Bencher of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, commonly known simply as Middle Temple,which is a senior member of an Inn of Court in England and Wales. Benchers hold office for life once elected.
She's Court of Assistants, which is a council of members belonging to the livery; the Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers is one of the oldest and nowadays smallest (with about 120 members) livery companies of the City of London. Wax Chandlers, merchants in beeswax products traded separately from Tallow Chandlers; beeswax candles, being expensive, were usually reserved for churches and the households of royalty and nobility, while tallow candles were generally used in ordinary homes.
An Honorary Court Assistant of the Worshipful Company of Builders Merchants and a liveryman of the Plumbers', Arbitrators', Marketors' and the Tax Advisers' companies.
The City's second female Lord Mayor, following Dame Mary Donaldson (Lord Mayor 1983–84).
Mansion House (below) is the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London.
At Temple Bar the Lord Mayor presents the City's pearl-encrusted Sword of State to the Sovereign as a symbol of the latter's overlordship. The Sovereign does not, as is often purported, wait for the Lord Mayor's permission to enter the City.
The importance of the office is reflected by the composition of the Accession Council, a body which proclaims the accession of new Sovereigns. The Council includes the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of London, as well as the Lords Spiritual, Lords Temporal and Privy Counsellors.
She ventured onto a catwalk not as Pussy in Boots but the Lord Mayor - at the Old Bailey during London Fashion Week.
She's a Trustee at Raleigh International, sometimes called by its earlier name of Operation Raleigh, is a UK-originated youth and sustainable development not-for-profit organisation whose declared aim is to develop young people who understand sustainable development and have the skills, knowledge and passion to make change happen. Notable celebrities that have been on Raleigh expeditions include Prince William who spent 10 weeks in Chile in 2000. 
In 2013 she was awarded The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem (above) also referred to as the Order of St John; a royal order of chivalry established in 1831.
Image of the Mayor of London Boris Johnson
The other Mayor of London and not yet a Lord Boris Johnson, though certainly on the Bullingdon cards.
"When it became clear that on 8th November 2013 the Lord Mayor in 2013/14 would be my wife, Alderman Fiona Woolf CBE, I determined that I would support her year as the Lord Mayor’s Consort by providing a leadership programme within the City to increase the number and effectiveness of charity Chairs and Chairmen. The theme of Fiona’s mayoralty is “The Energy to Transform Lives” and the charitable aspects embodied within this focus are all within the framework of The Lord Mayor’s Appeal." - Nicholas Woolf.
So ladies and gentlemen is this just another woolf in a sheep's wigs and robes, as it has to be said that the public will have no more faith, in fact probably less than they did with Baroness Butler-Schlossss in leading this inquiry; as it is quite blatantly obvious she has far too many connections within not only legal fraternities "magic circle", but the government - whom it's members are being looked into, including those in the very highest positions of power and whom it's been alleged are also involved.  This is why it is paramount that these types of pro-establishment, institutionalised career folk whom know far too many influential people in high places who could continue to prevent the truth from being exposed.  
Nicholas Woolf and his wife Fiona seem to involved in so many charities, it's beyond-belief they can manage all their workloads or should I say - they can be beneficial to all these charities and organisations they belongs to and head; it must be costing the charities a small fortune to pay the chairmanship going rate fees.
He was the Master of The Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers, a City of London livery company, in 2009/10.
Graduated from LSE and was for many years a partner in Arthur Andersen, retiring in 2002.
He them became Chairmn of the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group in June 2012 and yet another new charity registered in 2010. His a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser he was for many years been a partner with Arthur Andersen, the same as his wife. He either was or currently is Chairman of Princess Alice Hospice based in Esher, Surrey, Chairman of Beating Bowel Cancer, Deputy Chairman of Barts & The London Charity and was until recently a non-executive director of Westminster Primary Care Trust. He is also a liveryman of The Gardeners’ Company and The Tylers and Bricklayers Company. It's very likely he is a Freemason as well.
In an interview with Legal Week - the following is an extract from it; 
Juggling professional and family life is a concept Woolf is all-too familiar with. When she married chartered accountant and tax adviser Nicholas in 1990 she became a stepmother to two children aged 12 and 16. “I inherited a bustling family that needed transportation to oboe, drama and tennis, just at the time when Nicholas said I ought to export what I’ve learnt on the electricity privatisation all over the world,” she says.
“It was quite hard to organise life during the school holidays. I remember worrying about that a lot, but taking the children with us, particularly when I was travelling, seemed to be the answer to a prayer. They were wonderfully resilient and rose to the challenge of having two professionals in the parenting role.”
As part of her mission, Woolf has installed red buses on routes cutting across the City with the words ‘We are all dedicated to diversity’ emblazoned on the side. 
Mr and Mrs Woolf with Mr Cameron and fellow of the Bullingdon Club like Boris Johnson.
This is why the "head" of such an inquiry, perhaps helped with such legal beagles such as Woolf, though not to be given any power other than to advise the panel, that should be made-up of 50% of members of the public, perhaps long-term campaigners who know all about these types of abuse cases, alongside 50% of academic and legal teams so as everything can be done by the book.  
No matter how high-up in the establishment they may be, - if the evidence is there to charge them, then they must be.  
It's been alleged on various websites and blogs that Nicolas Woolf is related to Lord Woolf, for sure they sure the same surname and it's a real coincidence Fiona is in the same legal game as Lord Woolf, though currently cannot find this direct connection between them so shall decline in mentioning much more on the subject and until perhaps it can been proved. 
However, for those wanting a more in your face and straight forward accusations alleging Lord Harry Woolf as being instrumental in denying a right of appeal for Barry George who was falsely imprisoned for 8 years for the murder of Crimewatch presenter, Jill Dando - and much more then see;
In the longer term if the government doesn't face this head on; - it will cause more detriment to the establishment itself; that they can't afford to let that happen, despite that they probably will and why the general public has lost all faith in anyone in government or authority.

SERCO and Fiona Woolf how they fleece tax payers of billions and murder anyone who gets in their way

The amount of taxpayers’ money which the English  government has handed over to private company SERCO for privatised serviceshas been seriously underestimated by commentators.
It’s hard to find out the total amount of money Cameron’s government has dished out to SERCO because we – the taxpayers – are not allowed to know.
That’s because the government has made sure that private companies which take over public
services are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.
Woolf and SERCO locking up the innocent in London to protect VIP child rapists 

But the amount of our money being pocketed by SERCO for government contracts should be counted in the billions – not millions as is so often quoted in the press.
For example, SERCO’s UK defence contracts alone are worth over 4 billion.
And its NHS contracts are now worth over 1 billion.

Fiona we will leave no stone unturned, we have lessons to learn we will find all your secret crimes 
On top of those contracts, SERCO also runs our prisons, rail companies, hospitals, immigration services, ferries, schools inspections, nuclear reprocessing sites, our ballistic missile early warning systems and sports centres.
So what is it with the Cameron government’s obsession with handing over more and more taxpayers’ money to SERCO despite the fact the Serious Fraud Office has been investigating the company for overcharging us?
That’s easy to answer.
The CEO of SERCO is Cameron’s mate, fellow Old Etonian Rupert Soames, brother of Tory MP and Cameron loyalist Nicholas Soames.

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the former Sheriff of the City of London, Fiona Woolf’s apparent deployment of tagged offenders at crime scenes controlled by The British Invisibles – a collective name for the Innholders, Air Navigators, Insurers and other financial and business Livery Companies – to Serco's alleged hack of a Eurocopter EC135 T2 police helicopter FADEC system and the double engine flame-out crash on 29 November 2013 into the Clutha Vaults, a riverside pub in central Glasgow.

McConnell claims that Woolf developed the Invisible Crime Scene M.O. with the Solicitors in the ‘90s when Serco began releasing tagged offenders from prison, mustering them at hotels near prospective crime scenes, calling them before legitimate first responders to remove evidence of sabotage and authorizing them to kill expert witnesses who might otherwise expose the Invisibles' scam.

"On 29 November 2013, a police helicopter crashed into the Clutha Vaults, a pub on the north bank of the River Clyde in central Glasgow.[1][2][3] The aircraft was operated by Bond Air Services for Police Scotland and was being crewed by a civilian pilot and two police officers. The cause of the crash was a double engine flame-out; the cause of which has not yet been determined. Ten people died in the accident: all three who were on board the helicopter and six on the ground, with another person dying two weeks later from injuries received in the pub
Prequel 1: #2104: Marine links Serco Red Switch hack to Invisible Heli-Deck Bomb, Lloyd’s Buffett Super Cat frauds

Prequel 2: #2098: Marine Links Serco Time-On-Tag Offenders to U.S. Coastguard RedSwitch Saboteurs, Deepwater Horizon Cement-Bond Bomb   

Margaret Hodge has accused the government of "shocking complacency" after it emerged that two outsourcing firms being investigated for alleged fraud over Ministry of Justice deals worth more than £200m have been bidding for further contracts while potentially facing criminal charges.

The chair of the public accounts committee said it was "utterly extraordinary" that G4S and Serco were allowed to do so while being investigated over contracts worth more than £200m by the Serious Fraud Office and the City of London.

Three G4S contracts worth more than £110m are being investigated by the SFO. They are a Ministry of Justice contract to administer tagging of prisoners on probation as well as two contracts for the management of "invoicing, delivery and performance reporting".

One Serco contract worth more than £40.5m is under investigation by the SFO. Another contract for the escort of prisoners to and from courts worth £49.3m is being investigated by City of London police.

Campaigners have criticised private firms for using immigration detainees as cheap labour inside detention centres after research suggested this saves them millions of pounds. Some detainees said they were being paid as little as £1 an hour to cook and clean.

Home Office figures showed that in May this year, detainees in centres run by Serco, G4S and other contractors did nearly 45,000 hours of work for a total of nearly £45,500 in pay. Had they been paid at the national minimum wage, the cost would have been more than £280,000.

Over 12 months, the figures suggest that the firms – which also includeMitie and GEO – could have saved more than £2.8m, according to research group Corporate Watch, which obtained the data, and said firms were "exploiting their captive migrant workforce".

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"Serco To Take Over U.K. Pre-Deployment Training
Mar. 26, 2012 - 04:21PM | By ALAN DRON | Comments
The British Army will consolidate its pre-deployment training in April when a single provider takes on the task of preparing units for service in Afghanistan and elsewhere. 

Serco, which already provides pre-deployment training to the U.K. Royal Navy as well as fixed-wing and helicopter pilot training to the U.K. armed forces, will create a series of training conditions designed to prepare British troops for tours of duty overseas. Previously two separate companies, G4S and Babylon, organized the army's pre-deployment training. Under the new arrangement, Serco will be the sole contractor used for what is known as Contemporary Operating Environment Force (COEFOR). 

In the six months prior to overseas deployments, troops will learn languages used in-theater, local cultural norms and operational environment skills. "Successful delivery of this contract is critical to the successful preparation of our troops before they deploy on operations," said Brig. Richard Toomey of the Army's Collective Training Group. 

Training will take place on the Army's main Salisbury Plain exercise area in the south of England and elsewhere in the U.K. 

The language aspect of the training will focus mainly on interactions with the Afghan National Army (ANA), local police and the Afghan population, particularly village elders, said Chris Rowlands, Serco’s bid director for the contract. Troops will also be given cultural training covering such areas as body language, whom they should talk to first upon entering a village and when eye contact is appropriate. 

Serco will contract other companies to provide former British Army Gurkhas — Nepalese citizens who for more than 150 years have volunteered for service under the British Crown — to play the part of both ANA forces and insurgents. Afghan nationals living in the U.K. or British citizens of Afghan heritage will also be employed in the army roles, particularly as senior officers and VIPs. 

At peak times, as many as 1,200 Afghans and Gurkhas will be employed in the COEFOR process, although core numbers will be between 200 and 300. If an optional year’s extension is included, the new COEFOR contract could run until December 2014, with a total value to Serco of approximately 55 million pounds ($87 million). 

Also starting in April will be a four-year contract between the U.K. Ministry of Defence and FB Heliservices to provide tri-service helicopter training. The deal, worth 193 million pounds ($307 million) is a continuation of the long-running Defence Helicopter Flying School contract and includes options for an extension of up to two years. 

FB Heliservices is a joint venture company owned by Bristow Helicopters and Cobham Aviation Services. It will deliver training at several locations on the existing fleet of 34 Eurocopter AS350BB Squirrel and 11 Bell 412EP helicopters, upgraded to include new technology and increase training capability. 

SERCO, Woolf, May, Cameron  and their child raping cronies do not want a middle class   they wants serfs.  If you own your own home they want it. If you have children they want them. They will tax you and fleece you by usury  whilst taking every penny  for themselves.  Its just a nice little club for them but you will never be a member.  Whilst you loose your home and wonder how to pay your bills they get you to pay for thier duck ponds, and second homes, champagne lunches.  They never pay for anything out of their own pockets.  They make laws for you to follow but they are never subject to them.  Time to revolt. FREE SCOTLAND