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Scallywag on Westminster Dolphin Square

A Scallywag in Westminster

By Simon Regan 1995

The timing of the vociferous campaign against ourselves and others, directed from the heart of Smith Square, is no coincidence. It marks the start of the run-up to the next general election which most political pundits believe will be held in the autumn of l996. Compared to what the Conservative Research Department has in store for Blair and his people, Scallywag, of course, is very small beer.

Yet the whole might of the Conservative Central Office machine has been employed, in a bloodying operation to sharpen their knives for the big push to come. This has included Dr. Julian Lewis - ostensibly Deputy Head of research, but openly the Tory Chief Dirty Tricks' Hatchet Man - using the staff of Conservative right-wingers to help him in his murky work. He was able to employ researchers of sitting MP's, for example, to roam over London buying up copies of the magazine and finding out from the newsagents who supplied it.

He then forced the magazine's withdrawal by suing the wholesalers. Other staff had spent days, if not weeks, in Companies House finding out the specific names of directors. Armed with this Lewis himself made dozens of menacing calls to individuals.

Others have broken into our offices and stolen documents. The Hampstead home of one of our senior staff was entered, although nothing was taken. There was a permanent bug on our mobile 'phone and in some cases after a sympathiser had talked to us, they were contacted immediately afterwards by an anonymous voice which warned them off further contact.

All very juvenile nonsense designed to spook us and our friends. It is almost certain that right wing pals in GCHQ have provided copies of any sensitive fax we may have taken or sent. (GCHQ receives a copy of every fax transmitted in the UK). It is these same people who, almost in army formation, have been sneaking around the constituencies of virtually every shadow cabinet minister.

This right-wing clique are all of the early seventies Oxbridge Conservative Associations which were exploited by Peterhouse historian Maurice Cowling and later by Margaret Thatcher. Both Michael Portillo and Peter Lilley were recruited to the cause and spent their formative political years in Smith Square.
Most of this clique are also gay. There is a gay lobby operating around Westminster and Pimlico, with headquarters at Dolphin Square, which preys on the 100 or so (mainly Conservative) MP's who are gay. It is not illegal to be right wing nor gay. Nor is it illegal for many of them to be Freemasons. But a combination can be extremely potent. Especially as, in the case of being gay and/or Freemason, everything is usually conducted under cloaks of secrecy.

The security services, both M15 and MI6 are both well endowed with gay right-wingers. There might be little wrong with this, except for the fact that this clique has formed a party within a party. And the "Cowling Cupids" as they were known at Peterhouse in 1972-75 are now spread evenly in Whitehall, Westminster and they have penetrated almost every section of British society which could be deemed powerful.
They have become the bane of John Major's life for he inherited them when they had become deeply entrenched during the Thatcher years. Julian Lewis came to prominence after he led a powerful campaign of dirty tricks against the then CND under Bruce Kent. He represented various ultra right-wing groups such as the British Freedom Association and was first spotted when he went to Washington to smear Kent on a CND rally in the capital.

To the American security services people like Kent were nothing but dirty little pinkoes, to be eradicated as fast as possible. In turn, the Lewis campaign in Washington led to him being 'adopted' by the Heritage Foundation who subsequently paid £4 million into the Conservative party coffers during Thatcher's reign. This made Lewis a hard man to fire.

But is Lewis and Co. part of the Cowling Dream of king making? A successor to Thatcher in which Michael Portillo was to be the principle leading boy If so, it is all fitting together almost exactly as he predicted on a seat in the grounds of Peterhouse in l973. (See Scallywag 27).

Cowling would work on Thatcher to take an interest in Portillo. He would get into Parliament as soon as he'd been blooded in the CCO. Then, as predicted, he would move up the ladder fast as a Thatcher protégé. There was a bit of a hiccup when Thatcher was ousted, but timing wise, it did not make much difference.
As recently as last year, Cowling was predicting the following scenario: There would be a leadership crisis this year. A short term leader would be found. Someone to create a smoke screen, but would probably lose the election. By mid-term in opposition Portillo would seize power and take the Conservatives successfully into the new century.

Well, anything can happen in politics, but this scenario has an uncanny familiarity to it. And somewhere back there Margaret is still pulling an awful lot of strings.
Is it a complete coincidence, for example, that the former party treasury supremo, Lord McAlpine should suddenly bemoan the fact that the Tories deserve to lose the next election? McAlpine is the almost personification of a Thatcherite. Is he poised for a come-back at Smith Square when the right-wing has its day?
For, as we have catalogued elsewhere in this magazine, there is still something like seventy million pounds sitting in off-shore accounts which only McAlpine and Thatcher know about. Will the twosome barter with this knowledge? For if McAlpine did make a come-back, the party coffers would brim again overnight,
Almost all of these funds, as we have catalogued, have rather an odour to them, as have most of the real problems besetting Major's government under siege. Pergau Dam money. The Al Yamamah armaments fiasco. Mark Thatcher's very smelly dealings. Sleaze money for questions. Nearly all of them were inherited by Major.
In fact one of the reasons why the Prime Minister's Party is fumbling around so badly, is that he is simply not devious enough to play the real Tory game. Had he been up to the shenanigans of the Party in the Thatcher years, the coffers would have never emptied so rapidly.

A prominent labour MP told us in the Commons recently, "we just don't need a dirty tricks department. The Tories themselves are doing it for us."
Actually, this is very true indeed. Lewis and CO are having to work very hard indeed to come up with dirt.

Meanwhile, as ministers dropped like ninepins over one genuine scandal or another, a Tory MP was found hanging upside down in lady's clothing with an satsuma in his mouth. Two others were suspended for taking "question money" and the Scott Inquiry has deeply embarrassed just about every cabinet minister who served under Margaret.
The real Labour Luvvies are not Bragg, Follet and CO, swilling their Australian Chardonnay and bleating on about how much they just love Tony. They are a hard bunch of influential, powerful, rich, intelligent and very well-meaning people in the upper echelons of banking, business, commerce, finance, public relations and the media.
There's no parlour politics here. In the past four months we have seen more of the Hilton rooftop bar, the Ivy restaurant, the City, The Albany, Grouchos, even the Garrick, and Westminster itself than we have in the whole of the rest of our lives.
Something's cooking, Julian, and if your research department was doing a proper job and not chasing shadows, you'd know what was coming.

Ben Fellows thrown into Wormwood scrubs for daring to name Ken Clarke as an abuser

A day or so ago Ben Fellows came back to the UK  and was immediately arrested and placed on remand in Wormwood Scrubs.   His crime the tumidity to accuse Ken Clarke, who has been covering-up for pedophiles for decades, of being a child abuser.  That warrents the full forces of the criminal justice system to step in and stop this affront to the dignity of  this evil politician.

Over the past six months since my “Walk Against Corruption 2013” I have been under constant surveillance by the security agencies and have been suffering Police harassment over my allegations which I made against Conservative Cabinet Minister Kenneth Clarke MP. The Metropolitan Police came to me and bullied me into making a statement against Kenneth Clarke, stating that if I refused I would be in danger in the future.
I have over the previous months cooperated with the Police and had a gentleman’s agreement to remain silent and off the internet even though that opened me out to even my supporters criticising me for this. Even after my kidnapping and arrest in the summer I remained silent. I remained silent when the Metropolitan Police tried to force me into saying that Peter Morrison a dead MP was the man I met in Ian Greers office. This was not the case. I stood by my original statement and was bailed to return again in the future. Fearing for my own safety I left the UK in November 2013 and as of January 16th 2014 I failed to return to Paddington Green Police Station for further questioning.
I am being persecuted by my own government over allegations which the Police have refused to investigate. What’s remarkable about this story is that instead of investigating my own statement and questioning Mr Clarke as a perpetrator, he has been turned into a victim by Scotland Yard and it is me who is being pursued as a potential criminal.  If we truly have freedom of speech and democracy as a registered journalist I should be able to write my own story without fear of being targeted by the state.
If Kenneth Clarke MP disagreed with my version of events the appropriate course of action was to issue legal proceedings and take me to court. This he has not done. Although I believe he is threatening publishers with law suits if they publish my articles.
The Police have already stated that there is a high level political conspiracy at play as the Cook Report tapes which filmed the events, which occurred in Ian Greers office twenty years ago have gone missing. Jack Malvern of the Times stated that the Cook Report Tapes were sent to Iron Mountain, a storage facility which subsequently had a fire which destroyed them.
During my cross examination by the Police which is a taped interview they stated that Mr Clarke couldn’t account for his whereabouts during that time.  
The British press whom I have been in constant contact with over this time have refused to write about this story. This is because the press has been taken over by a group of powerful transnational corporations and even if journalists want to write about a story they are prevented from doing so, until such time as an arrest by the Police is confirmed. If the Police don’t charge anyone and I haven’t been charged with any crime, then the press are unable to cover the story. However, the story is about how wealthy individuals in our country are seemingly above the law and when you attempt to reveal their wrong doings they use the power of the state to silence and demoralise individuals using the authorities to threaten and bully individuals into silence.
 I considered my position carefully and came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t allow myself to be targeted in that way and that I would fight for the truth regardless of the consequences to my personal safety. In World War 2 our ancestors fought tyranny in their time, in East Germany the Starzi couldn’t prevent, as much as they tried, to break the spirit of man and all over the world right now people are fighting for freedom and justice. Julian Assange is in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Edward Snowdon has left the United States after revealing the extent of the surveillance operation conducted by the NSA in cooperation with GCHQ and other intelligence agencies around the globe. How many more whistleblowers, journalists and publishers have to go into exile or on the run before the country realises that they are being attacked.
 If I don’t make a stand over this issue it allows the West Minister Paedophile ring, which Tom Watson MP wanted investigated, to continue.
This means children from care homes all over the country being taken down to London and abused at places such as Dolphin Sq and at various apartments by powerful and wealthy individuals. If or when victims attempt to try and talk about this they are dismissed by the Police, not believed and many end up committing suicide later in life or have a legacy of traumatic and emotional problems which plague their adult lives.
Remember Jimmy Savile? He was only allowed to be named as a paedophile after his death and he was a BBC disc jockey. It has been revealed that the Police had literally hundreds of statements against Savile by victims but he was protected by the Police along with the others at the BBC. The BBC remains not accountable for making the conditions for paedophile’s to operate in. Why? Perhaps because it is still going on today.
The Paedophile Unit are arresting people such as Rolf Harris, Stewart Hall, Dave Lee Travis, Max Clifford etc in the hope that this will appease the general public.
The truth is that whilst low level and old men paedophiles are being arrested, the paedophile unit have known about these individuals for many years and only when it suits them do they then arrest them whilst protecting the elite paedophile rings. When is enough, enough?
Do we not care about our children, the sexual, mental and physical abuse of children? Thousands of children go missing from the UK every year where do they go? They don’t turn up anywhere they simply disappear.
Should we just put up and shut up and say to ourselves that it’s okay because it isn’t my son or daughter. Today it may not be but when the West Minister Paedophile ring lowers the age of consent it will be your children and grand children at risk.
  1. Why hasn’t Cabinet Minister Kenneth Clarke been arrested and questioned in connection with my allegations made to Police in my statement?
  2. Why have the Police turned Mr Clarke into a victim?
  3. Why hasn’t the Prime Minister been questioned regarding the missing Cook Report tapes, that he was responsible for whilst in private business when he worked for Carlton television?
  4. Why is Prime Minister David Cameron protecting the powerful West Minister Paedophile ring?
Once again hypocrisy resigns supreme. It is okay for certain celebrities to be arrested but when it comes to Politicians it’s another ball game, especially when it involves the current Prime Minister of the country.
Whilst I have been abroad I met what could only be described as a delegation of Knights Templar’s. They are disgusted by what’s occurring in their and other Masonic orders name. They gave me a ceremonial coin which reads “They Received Every Man A Penny”. It also came with a warning, that if I should return to the UK I would be set up by the Police and government at the highest levels. Of course, I had to bear in mind that the Police in the UK are Masonic, Kenneth Clarke and David Cameron are high level Mason’s and so is the judiciary, press etc  So what chance have I of a fair trial? Even if I had broken the law which I haven’t?
The Templar’s gave me a coin, which I am not allowed to have as someone who is not a Mason and it has never happened before in their entire history. The purpose of the coin, so that brethren of good conscious, whom there are many  in all walks of life, would know that I spoke the truth and that Mason’s whilst not coming out of the privacy of their organisation supported my actions.  
This is a fight over good and evil, light and dark and whilst this might be sounding biblical to some, that’s because it is. Isn’t it time for good to triumph just once, isn’t it time that we protect our children from paedophiles? We may not be able to stop these powerful individuals but we can certainly make the waters harder from them to operate in. If our politicians are our representatives then what are we saying about ourselves, if paedophile rings are allowed to continue within politics?
I have remained silent over the past six months even under pressure from the security agencies who target my articles online and attempt to cause confusion in the minds of the general public. No more. I am not afraid unlike those children who will be abused this weekend somewhere in the UK by these powerful individuals.
Until these powerful individuals such as Cabinet Minister Kenneth Clarke MP and Prime Minister David Cameron answer to the public I will remain in exile abroad in search of a country who believes in Freedom of speech, democracy and the rule of law for everyone.  
I am not depressed or suicidal and if I die in an accident it will be state sponsored murder.
Ben Fellows

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

SNP firebrand WIllie McRae murdered by the State to protect Westminster pedophiles

Willie McRae had information regarding Westminster paedophiles including Cyril Smith

SNP activist 'killed over child sex files' A FIREBRAND SNP activist who died in mysterious circumstances was to expose a paedophile ring that would have brought down the Government, it was claimed last night.

Willie McRae was said to have discovered child abuse by cabinet ministers and other leading members of the establishment on both sides of the Border. Shortly before his death he was seen photocopying a dossier of names in case something should happen to him. The copies are understood to have been posted to a number of close associates. Despite a lengthy inquiry, the Sunday Express has been unable to establish whether any copies of the alleged dossier are still in existence. McRae never went public with his allegations as he was found shot dead in his car off a remote road in Wester Ross on April 6, 1985. Some maintain he was murdered by the security services over his opposition to plans to dump nuclear waste in Scotland, while others have said he was silenced by drug smugglers.
Significantly, however, his death also fits the timeline of recent claims about Westminster perverts and a massive police cover-up of child abuse and murder in the early 1980s. His death also came just months after the late Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens handed his own infamous paedophile dossier to then Home Secretary Leon Brittan – only for it to be lost or destroyed by Home Office officials. Fionna Borders, whose late husband James was a barrister involved in a number of child abuse cases, said she was convinced that McRae was on the verge of “shaking the establishment” to the core when he lost his life. Mrs Borders said she learned of McRae’s dossier from former police officer turned private investigator Iain Fraser, who died only a few weeks ago. A close friend of McRae’s who had an office in the same building on Bath Street in Glasgow, Mr Fraser was hired to spy on his “bosom buddy” in 1985 by an anonymous client. Mrs Borders said: “Willie McRae got that information, and being the kind of man he was, he could not just sit on it. Unfortunately he spoke of the list to somebody he should not have which was his downfall. “It is easy to sound like a conspiracy theorist – but at times conspiracy theories are proven true. “Why not stage a car accident, his Volvo wrapped around a tree? God knows that has been done in the past. No. It was made to look like suicide – except, of course, it wasn’t. “It was a message to leave matters well alone, and those in the know took it just as it was intended.” Another source close to Mr Fraser said he had learned of the existence of the alleged dossier from a member of staff in Mr McRae’s office. Some years ago, McRae was linked with another document describing a network of high-ranking Scottish paedophiles – dubbed The Untouchables – based on the deathbed confession of child abuser James Gallogley. But this dossier was dismissed as a hoax. Earlier this month, it emerged that Police Scotland has set up a team of detectives to investigate claims of child abuse involving the late Solicitor General Sir Nicholas Fairbairn MP and other high-ranking Scottish legal figures from the same era. Mrs Borders said she believed McRae’s dossier named powerful men from both sides of the Border, and he was “well on his way” to going public. Before leaving Glasgow for his cottage near Kintail, Wester Ross, the 62-year-old showed a briefcase of documents to a friend, PC Donald Morrison, and told him: “I’ve got them this time.” However, despite phoning ahead to ask for the fire to be lit, he never made it to his destination. Instead, his body was found the next morning off the A87, with a bullet wound to his head. A gun was near the car leading to the suicide verdict. His briefcase or the documents it contained have never been found. Mrs Borders added: “McRae had worked so hard to expose this disgusting cancer. He knew it was dangerous which is why he made the back-up copies – not that anything has ever come of them. “He had been due to leave Glasgow much earlier than he did, but his tyres had been slashed. That’s not something that’s widely known. “In those days nobody wanted to be on the Highland roads at night. There was nothing open after 9pm. Yet he only headed up the road at 6.30pm knowing it would take him until late to reach his destination. The only reason is somebody made sure he would be alone on the roads.” Calls for a public inquiry have been unsuccessful despite the fact the gun had been fired twice and was found some distance from the car. Furthermore, although McRae was not wearing gloves, there were no fingerprints on the firearm. Just a few months after McRae’s death, Geoffrey Dickens spoke in the House of Commons about the dangers he had faced due to his attempt to expose powerful paedophiles.
He said: “Honourable Members will understand that where big money is involved and as important names came into my possession so the threats began. First, I received threatening phone calls followed by two burglaries at my London home. “Then, more seriously, my name appeared on a multi-killer’s hit list.” Dickens died in 1995 and his investigation was forgotten until the Jimmy Savile scandal led to a renewed interest in historic abuse. Meanwhile, the retired policeman who was the last person to see Willie McRae alive last night said he too believed the solicitor had uncovered evidence about a powerful paedophile ring.

Donald Morrison spoke to McRae in Glasgow shortly before he set off for the Highlands on the day of his death and noticed a briefcase full of documents in his maroon Volvo.

The briefcase has never been found and Mr Morrison said that for many years he believed the would-be politician had unearthed evidence about illegal nuclear waste at Dounreay.

However, he said he is now adamant the real reason for his death was that he was planning to expose a child abuse network operating at the highest level.

He said: “At the end of the day he was not done in for trying to stop the dumping of nuclear waste.

“I think he was in possession of secret information about Cyril Smith and others.

“Special Branch had removed information from police files down south to do with Smith and they just disappeared. There is a similarity here to Willie McRae’s death.

“The two people who were following him gave a statement to what was then the Northern Constabulary and those statements have gone missing too.”

Mr Morrison said he believed McRae may have first heard of the ring from his friend Lord Mountbatten, the Queen’s cousin who was killed by the IRA in 1979, or from somebody linked to him.

McRae had been Lord Mountbatten’s aide-de-camp in India, when he was a young lieutenant-commander in the Royal Indian Navy.

However he first came upon the information, Mr Morrison said McRae would have carried out his own detailed investigation before preparing to go public with it. He added that he learned through colleagues that Strathclyde Police had been made aware of documents “which could be dangerous to the Government” in McRae’s office.

In light of the recent exposes about MPs and other high profile individuals, Mr Morrison sensed the information must have concerned child sexual abuse.

He added: “It will be 30 years since Willie McRae’s death in April and there has never been an inquiry into his death.

“Willie’s brother, who was a doctor in Edinburgh, did not wish to have an inquiry at the time because their mother was still alive and they did not want the fact Willie was gay to come out.

“I now strongly believe he had in his possession a list of names that could have brought down individuals if not establishments”

Official government documents relating to McRae’s death would normally be released by the National Archives under the ‘30-year rule’ in January.

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Police chief Andy BRENNAN made head of Child Protection Center even though he has been protecting pedophiles in Yorkshire for decades

Disgraced West Yorkshire ( arguably the most corrupt force in the UK) Police chief Detective Superintendant Andy BRENNAN has been put in charge of CEOPS Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center. Where he can identify and protect VIP pedophiles and colleagues engaged in the very profitable child sex trade. This is a dangerous power to give to a corrupt Police chief. But scum always seems to rise to the top in the Police and the Crown Persecution Service. Brennan who protected pedophiles when head of West Yorks Police professional Standards and will do a good job of protecting pedophiles now Nationally using CEOPS. Well done David Cameron you chose the right man to head the child protection unit.
By Chris and Andrea 
CEOPS works with child protection partners across the UK and overseas to identify the main threats to children and coordinates activity against these threats to bring offenders to account. "We protect children from harm online and offline, directly through NCA led operations and in partnership with local and international agencies" CEOPS claims  
CEOPS is now an aptly named "National Crime Agency Command"  They are able to identify VIP pedophiles in order to protect them and ignore  colleagues and fellow gang members  who are involved in the lucrative child sex trade.  Whilst still finding the time to  bring the odd pervert  to justice.  They can also arrange for child abuse images to  be placed on the computers of innocent victims who's activities in exposing Police corruption  and VIP pedophiles are a threat.  
Brennan was formerly Head of Professional Standards (read more herein West Yorkshire, an organisation designed to ignore complaints and target the complainers.   Brennan's main claim to fame appears to be leading a murder investigation  where  three innocent men were wrongly jailed for life.  Read more about the Bradford Three case by clicking here.
Brennan who will now have intelligence   about  on-line child porn which he can use to protect VIP pedophiles   has a nice history  of corruption.
Currently he faces:- 
1) Criminal allegations  against him made in a sworn statement by a retired Fellow Police Officer
2) Libel action from a Retired Norfolk Intelligence Officer. 

Brennan is one of those growing number of Police Officers who get promoted for incompetence and lack of any moral fiber, conscience or empathy. They can work neatly with prosecution Barristers and CPS Lawyers who spend most of their days finding new ways to set-up the innocent to protect the guilty.

 Brennan  managed to “burn” a police informer during the investigation into innocent men, placing   the informers  life in serious danger. OK no-one is crying!
Justice campaigners, "Just West Yorkshire",  site Brennan  as being involved in a  racially motivated criminal pursuit of another detective on his team, DC Wasim Bashir    The innocent officers trial was  stopped the night before it was due to commence at Sheffield Crown Court, on public interest grounds,  which means the Crown, Police or the intelligence services may be compromised by the trial proceeding. 
In the Bradford Three case Brennan backed  DC Glen Acornley and his “nark” which might prove to be his undoing as Acornley is now reportedly facing enquiries in several criminal matters himself.  
The whole West Yorkshire police is a hive of corruption and a network of criminals who use public money to fund their criminal enterprises. :-
upsd states  about Brennen when in charge of West Yorkshire professional Standards:-
"To say that the running of Professional Standards is a shambles under Brennan’s management would be understating the case, somewhat. Complainants find the recognised gateways to the police complaints system regularly blocked; complaints are often not recorded; when they are recorded they are diluted or parts missed out altogether; there is no adherence to the law or due process; PSD regards itself as completely exempt from IPCC Statutory Guidance; PSD investigators are often not even named; routinely no complaint/victim statements are taken from complainant; no evidence is taken from the complainant’s witnesses; independent witnesses are not sought; independent evidence such as CCTV film or voice recordings regularly go “missing” if they are likely to support the complainant’s case.; Appeals against wholly discredited PSD investigations become lost in the system. The case highlighted at this weblink (click here) is just one shining example of the service that Brennan and his band of bent brothers serve up on the public – and is now widely held up as an example of everything a police Professional Standards operation should not do.
In spite of vigorous efforts by Brennan and his dysfunctional team - to “cuff” many police officer misconduct issues, a record number of complaints against WYP were recorded in the police year ended March 2014. Just under 1,000 which is almost a 20% increase on the last published figure.
There is also the vexed question of paedophiles operating in the ranks of West Yorkshire Police – the details of the latest two were provided to uPSD within the past fortnight – and of major concern is the details of a paedophile ring that was operated around 15 years ago in Pontefract by the CID in that town. Young girls were procured for sex and also filmed in garage premises in the town. There was also systematic thieving carried on by some of the same group of detectives. West Yorkshire Police’s PSD were made aware last autumn and nothing appears to have been done about it whatsoever by Brennan and his merry men.

Brennan  who protected police pedophiles is now the head of CEOPS- well that says it all.  Well done David Cameron your CSA cover-up continues 

Information supplied by upsd UPSD has not approved or had input into this story and is not responsible for our candid -we tell it how it is - writing style.

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Nonce Cards. Helpful or does it trivialize Child Abuse?

Nonce cards. We make no comment only produce them here.  More cards to come no doubt.
nonce trumps 1 001
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