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Panorama even the Metropolitan Police think the BBC Child abuse debunk show is out of order

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has serious concerns about the impact of this programme on its investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse and homicide, on the witnesses involved, and on the willingness of victims of abuse to come forward to police.
We have warned previously about the risks of media investigations compromising a criminal investigation. When we initially launched our Operation Midland appeal, we specifically highlighted how a media organisation – the BBC in fact – had shown pictures of individuals to ‘Nick’ which could compromise the evidential chain should a case ever proceed to court.
We continue to be concerned about approaches to witnesses by all media, and that warning was reinforced by the Attorney General on Friday, 25 September.
The BBC was the first mainstream media outlet to broadcast an interview with ‘Nick’ containing allegations of homicide currently being investigated by Operation Midland. Since then, the BBC has been investigating these allegations in parallel to our criminal inquiry. We have made it clear to the BBC and other media we will not assist with their inquiries.
We are now being asked to respond to a challenge to a specific element of Operation Midland. Again we reiterate our position that we will not give a running commentary on the progress of our investigation to them or any other media outlet.
We have not yet completed our work. There are still lines of inquiry to pursue which are not in the public domain and we will not reach a judgment until that work is completed.
As we have made clear, we have an open mind and will go where the evidence takes us. We have acknowledged that some of our initial language may have suggested otherwise, but this is a thorough, professional investigation as the public would expect given the gravity of the allegations. It is then for the Crown Prosecution Service to make a decision on whether to prosecute. If they do, only a jury can decide on the truth of allegations after hearing all the evidence.
We trust that the BBC has given due consideration to the impact of its reporting on ‘Nick’ and how it fulfils its responsibility to a witness making allegations of a sensitive and personal nature which were broadcast to millions of people.
These ethical considerations are always an important element of our investigations, especially in the area of sexual abuse and we hope the BBC would make similar considerations.
We have a responsibility to protect vulnerable victims and witnesses throughout the criminal justice process, and we take that duty extremely seriously.
Our concerns extend beyond Operation Midland. We are worried that this programme and other recent reporting will deter victims and witnesses from coming forward in future. Seeing an individual make allegations and then be targeted by the media is not going to encourage others to speak out.
Anyone who read the report into Jimmy Savile will recall that hundreds of people never came forward during his lifetime in part because they feared the consequences of making allegations against a powerful public figure. Since that investigation, there has been a significant increase in people reporting non-recent and contemporary allegations.
We welcome this increasing confidence and do not want to take a backward step, and we trust that the BBC will consider in responsible fashion the wider impact of its reporting on all the individuals who might be watching.
We note that the broader focus of the programme is on allegations of paedophilia involving politicians dating back to previous decades. We make no apology for investigating these thoroughly and professionally. Not all allegations warrant a full investigation – that is the nature of policing – after initial scoping some go forward for more investigation and some do not.
We note that the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (Goddard Inquiry) has also said it will examine allegations of child sexual abuse ‘involving well known people, including people in the media, politics, and other aspects of public life.’
There is a great deal of public interest in how investigations were carried out in the past. The MPS has referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) a number of allegations that reports of sexual abuse involving politicians were not properly investigated, a number of which the IPCC is now managing.
We recognise that there is a public interest in reporting and commenting on the police and our investigations. We can and do accept criticism of our policing operations. But we do believe there is a distinction to be made between fair comment and impacting on victims and witnesses in a way that may damage them or a criminal investigation.
The wider public interest, surely, is for victims and witnesses to have the confidence to come forward with the knowledge that credible allegations will be properly investigated, and when the evidence is there, to have perpetrators brought to justice.

SanctuaryCare Ltd and the Elderly husband Sanctuary prevented from visitng his sick and dying wife via a Court Order

Earnest and Marguerite Cole 
Earnest and Marguerite Cole lived exemplary lives. On retirement both took up voluntary work. Marguerite became ill and this very common occurrence led to a Court issuing an injunction preventing Ernest from visiting his sick wife.

The people behind this act of unmitigated cruelty run Sanctuary Care Limited.  Sanctuary Care conducted a campaign to ruin the final years of these decent honest ordinary folk. 

Earnest and Marguerite Cole spent their lives as model citizens. During his working life Earnest worked for Securicor and when he retired he did wonderful voluntary work for the NHS as a hospital car driver. His wife Marguerite worked as an auxiliary nurse and in her retirement worked voluntarily for the WVS now the RWVS.

Life passed simply for Earnest Marguerite and their daughters until Maguerite was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2007 and sent home to wait. It seems the medication she was given had a negative effect on her causing her pain and dizziness. Because of this social services suggested a nursing Home.

Enter SANCTUARY CARE LIMITED a group which provides care home facilities and housing management amongst other activities. 

Initially Earnest was happy with Sanctuary Care paying them £600 per week for his wifes care from their savings. Nothing was too good for his wife. 

Ernest also volunteered to tidy the garden at the Sanctuary Home this meant he could spend more time with his beloved wife. Ernest would take Marguerite out for lunch and a walk by the sea in her wheel chair.

But £600 a week is a lot of money for two old age pensioners and their money began to run out This was when Earnest saw the standard of care for his wife decline and he found out there was a two tier system at the home. Those with money had everything, good medical treatment, good nutrition and a high standard of care. But those who could not pay the high fees suffered from discrimination, poor medical care, neglect and bullying. 

Horrified Ernest complained about the standard of care his wife and other residents were receiving in the home. That was when his troubles began. Sanctuary Care and their Staff were on a nice little earner and they were not going to let a man they had impoverished get in their way. 

So what did Sanctuary do about Earnest’s genuine complaints? Sanctuary Care Limited had friends in the brotherhood, they had judges in their pockets. They were confident the Court would made an order preventing any criticism of their Care Home. They were confident their two tier system of care could continue to enrich them at the expense of the old and vulnerable 

The Court responded to their application and granted an injunction preventing Earnest from seeing his beloved wife Marguerite. What could possess any reasonable person to make such an order. But Judge Tyzach and his ilk are not reasonable people they are the products of a totally corrupt Court system which serves big business both legitimate and criminal. 

The Court Order not only prevented Ernest from visiting his wife it prevented him from even approaching the Care Home where she was now held prisoner.

We can only imagine the distress caused to Marguerite when her beloved husband stopped visiting. What did the staff say to her endless questions? Did they even listen? How long was it before Marguerite stopped asking for her husband, stopped asking if she could go home, how long before she drifted into despair and died of a broken heart.?

If it were not for the redoubtable Samantha Wakefield a volunteer advocate who took up Earnests case the story would never have come to light. Like so many stories about the elderly and the vulnerable it would have remained hidden from view under a mountain of greed, inhumanity and indifference.

Samantha met Ernest 4 years ago..He was sitting in his car with a sign on the bonnet saying “ PLEASE HELP ME ” Samantha says “ I had previously worked as a voluntary advocate for adults with learning difficulties and had just completed a degree in Television production. I quickly became immersed in researching his story and assisting him to communicate effectively by sorting him out with hearing aids and reading his 700 pages of paper work from the courts.”

“The front page of his documents said that anyone seen to help him brake the court order or report on his story whether it be online or on paper would be arrested fined and have their assets seized.” Samantha told us “ That court order has now run out as his wife has now passed away.”

The Court had put a reporting black out of the dying old lady and the Care Home who prevented her loving husband from ever seeing his wife again. Marguerite died alone in 2013, even on her death bed the Court order prevented Earnest from being with his wife. Unimaginable cruelty for the elderly married couple.

Since then Samantha has battled to get someone to listen and it is because of her perseverance that you are reading this story today.

Wedding day Earnest and Marguerite Cole

So lets take a look at Sanctuary Group. Looking into the group we find the dubious Masonic connections which always hover beneath shadowy injustice involving the Courts and Police System.

David Bennett, Group Chief Executive

David Bennett FCA, CCMI

Group Chief Executive

Bennett is a chartered accountant and has been the Group Chief Executive of Sanctuary since 1992. Prior to that he was the Deputy Chief Executive at Sanctuary, and was Chief Executive at New Spiral Housing Association. Before joining Spiral he held senior positions with the Peabody Trust, the Samuel Lewis Trust.

Bennett is on subsidiary boards including Spiral Developments Limited, Sanctuary London Student Accommodation Limited, Riverside Apartments Management Limited and Sanctuary Prime Contractors Limited.

He is a member of the Committee of Management of Spiral (Number 2) Housing

Association Limited and a member of the Committee of Management (as appointed by the corporate trustee) of Bateman Memorial Almshouses Charity and The Spon Lane Trust Almshouses.

David also chairs Sanctuary Care Limited, Sanctuary Maintenance Contractors Limited,Sanctuary Housing Services Limited, Sanctuary Treasury Limited, The Hertford Housing Company Limited, Heart of England Housing and Care Limited, Sanctuary Capital Plc,Sanctuary Land Company Limited and the Committee of Management of Sanctuary HomeCare Limited.

Sanctuary housing

Sanctuary care

sanctuary management services

sanctuary maintenance

sanctuary supported living

This is the man behind the banning of Earnest Coles from Visiting his own wife.

Frightening stories about Sanctuary Group poor in from all quarters as the Group, like many truly corrupt organizations is above the law. They have the police and the courts in their pockets.

Tim Burness writes about the Sanctuary Group

“Many people’s lives are being damaged by a registered charity that regularly makes over £20 million profit, that pays its Chief Executive over £280,000, and that pays no tax. It looks like Sanctuary has got too big and too greedy to function properly.!

The uselessness, lies, rudeness, threats, bullying and generally corrupt behaviour of Sanctuary Housing Group (includes Sanctuary Housing Association, Sanctuary Care, Sanctuary Management Services and others) over the last few years are extensively documented in a large number of personal accounts from people across England and Scotland on my previous blog Are Sanctuary Housing above the law?

The evil Sanctuary Group and the Courts in the guise of Judge Tyzach QC prevented an elderly man from seeing his own wife. Britain’s system is the antipathy of Human rights, the whole system seems designed to persecute the weak and the vulnerable. Today we learn that a Foreign Office chief has said Human rights are no longer a 'top priority' for the Government. Whilst David Cameron says his government are going to ignore European Human Rights.

From childhood to death Britain’s system needs an overhaul to bring compassion and respect back into a State system lacking in both. Now the very avenues designed to protect the weak and vulnerable assists in their exploitation. Children in children’s homes are systematically raped and exploited, the disabled have their benefits removed with too many being driven to suicide, then in old age the State assists groups like Sanctuary Care to strip the elderly of their assets. Poor children, the disabled and the elderly are victims of corruption and neglect in one of the worlds richest nations. It’s a scandal


Name & Registered Office:
WR1 3ZQ 
Company No. 04231521

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On-going Child Sexual Abuse Inquires

There are a number of ongoing investigations and inquiries - criminal and otherwise - into historical abuse allegations at institutions across the UK. Here is a guide to the key inquiries and their scope.

Operation Hydrant

In the summer of 2014 a co-ordination hub was set up by the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) to oversee the investigation of allegations of "non-recent" child sex abuse within institutions or by people of public prominence.
The team of officers working on this operation have been picked from forces across the UK, but the hub is based in South Yorkshire. The operation's staff are identifying links between investigations, and preventing duplication between forces
On 20 May 2015 the NPCC announced that the operation had received reports of 1,433 suspects from police forces in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - 666 of the suspects were "related to institutions", while 261 were classified as people of public prominence.
The operation is being led by Norfolk Police Chief Constable Simon Bailey.

Met Police

Umbrella inquiry: Operation Fairbank
Fairbank is the Met Police's umbrella inquiry into historical child sex abuse claims involving politicians and other public figures. It began in 2012 as a "scoping exercise" to establish evidence for formal investigation and went on to establish a number of criminal investigations: Operations Fernbridge, Midland, Cayacos and then later Athabasca.
  • Grafton Close Children's Home: Operation Fernbridge (now closed)
Anthony McSweeney
Image captionFather Anthony McSweeney was found guilty of sexually abusing a teenage boy between 1979 and 1981
Launched in February 2013 and led by the Met Police, Operation Fernbridge investigated allegations of abuse in the early 1980s at Grafton Close Children's Home in west London, and at Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London. In connection with Grafton Close, two people were charged with offences. One was found dead and one, Catholic priest Father Anthony McSweeney, was found guilty of sexually abusing a teenage boy. He was sentenced to three years' jail in March. The operation has been closed and investigations into Elm Guest House taken up by Operation Athabasca (see below).
  • Elm Guest House: Operation Athabasca
This new investigation takes over from Fernbridge in investigating allegations about a paedophile network centred on Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London in the 1970s and early 1980s. Police are still appealing for information on 020 7161 0500.
  • Dolphin Square: Operation Midland
Established in November 2014, Operation Midland is examining claims that boys were abused by a group of powerful men from politics, the military and law enforcement agencies at locations across southern England and in London in the 1970s and 1980s. It is also examining claims that three boys were murdered.Operation Midland has focused on the Dolphin Square estate in Pimlico, south-west London.
Peter Righton
Image captionConvicted paedophile Peter Righton
  • Paedophile Information Exchange: Operation Cayacos
Operation Cayacos is investigating allegations of a paedophile ring linked toconvicted paedophile Peter Righton - a founding member of the Paedophile Information Exchange, which campaigned to make sex between adults and children legal.

Greater Manchester Police

  • Cyril Smith
Cyril Smith
Image captionCyril Smith died in 2010 aged 82
Greater Manchester Police is investigating allegations that Cyril Smith, the larger-than-life Rochdale MP who died in 2010, abused vulnerable young boys in the town. His family says he always denied the accusations. The allegations first surfaced in 1979 when Private Eye magazine carried reports that he abused teenagers at Cambridge House, a privately run "hostel for working boys" in Rochdale. It has also been alleged that he raped boys at Rochdale's Knowl View residential school. He also frequented Elm Guest House in south-west London - a location linked to the Met Police's Operation Fernbridge.

Wiltshire Police

Edward Heath
  • Edward Heath
The national investigation into claims of historical child sexual abuse involving former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath is to be led by Wiltshire Police.
Although several other forces are carrying out investigations linked to Sir Edward, Wiltshire Police will act as overseer to ensure a "consistent approach".
Sir Edward lived in Salisbury, Wiltshire, for many years and died at his home there in 2005 aged 89.
On 3 August 2015 the police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, said it would look at whether officers at Wiltshire Police failed to pursue allegations made against the former prime minister.
A retired detective has alleged that claims were made in the 1990s but not followed up.

States of Jersey Police

  • Operation Whistle
In a statement released earlier this year the States of Jersey Police provided details of its "locally- generated operation" - Operation Whistle - which it said had been running "under the auspice of Operation Hydrant".
The force said Operation Whistle was set up after the Jimmy Savile scandal, and following an increase in the reporting of historical cases of abuse in Jersey.
The force said it was investigating a number of allegations involving:
  • 45 suspects - some of whom are deceased or as yet unidentified
  • Four institutions
  • 13 people of public prominence - one of whom is Edward Heath

Other inquiries and investigations

A number of other inquiries and investigations are under way or have been completed. Here are the details:
Inquiries into the handling of abuse allegations
Independent inquiryAnnounced in July 2014, the independent inquiry will investigate the way public bodies handled child sex abuse claims. Former judge Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was chosen to head the inquiry, but she stepped down following concerns about her family links. She was replaced by Fiona Woolf, the Lord Mayor of London. But in October 2014 she also stood down after concerns were raised over her social links to the former Home Secretary Leon Brittan. In February 2015, New Zealand judge Lowell Goddard (pictured) was announced as the new head of the inquiry.
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)The police watchdog is investigating alleged corruption in the Met Police, including claims it covered up child sex offences because MPs and police officers were involved. The IPCC is investigating 14 referrals spanning four decades. The Met said it had voluntarily referred the allegations, which arose from Operation Fairbank.
Home Office (Wanless) reviewHeaded by NSPCC chief executive Peter Wanless (pictured), the review examined Home Office handling of historical child sex abuse allegations and the way police and prosecutors dealt with information given to them. This followed a call from Labour MP Simon Danczuk to explain why written allegations about powerful paedophiles - presented in the 1980s to Lord Brittan when he was home secretary - have since disappeared. A 2013 Home Office review of allegations concerning child abuse from 1979-99 resulted in four files, not previously disclosed, being passed to police. The Wanless review found no evidence that records were deliberately removed or destroyed.
Historical Institutional Abuse(Northern Ireland)Set up to establish if there were systemic failings by institutions or the state in their duties towards children in their care between 1922-95. Due to report January 2017. Chaired by Sir Anthony Hart (pictured). A High Court judge in Belfast has granted a judicial review into how the Kincora Boys' Home will be investigated. Three senior care staff at Kincora were jailed in 1981 for abusing 11 boys. Allegations remain that some members of the British intelligence services knew of the abuse and helped to cover it up.
Scotland care inquirystatutory public inquiry into the historical abuse of children in care has been set up by the Scottish government following scandals involving child abuse at institutions including those run by the Roman Catholic church.
Other inquiries
Operation Pallial, North WalesThe National Crime Agency is investigating allegations of historical abuse at children's homes in North Wales. It has found evidence of 140 alleged cases of historical abuse between 1963 and 1992. Also, Mrs Justice Macur has been appointed to review the 2000 Waterhouse inquiry into North Wales abuse dating back to the 1970s.
Operation Garford, SuffolkInvestigating historical abuse allegations centred on Kesgrave Hall School from the 1970s to the 1990s. Results of the original investigation, carried out in 1992, are being reviewed. Suffolk police are carrying out two further, unconnected investigations into allegations of abuse at two other schools.
Independent Jersey Care InquiryThe Independent Jersey Care Inquiry is investigating historical abuse claims in Jersey's care system from 1960 to present day. It began in July 2014. Frances Oldham QC is the inquiry chairwoman.
Jimmy Savile inquiries
Operation YewtreePolice investigation into Savile (pictured) and others. An investigation by the Met Police and NSPCC reported in January 2013 on allegations against Savile. Cases which emerged as a result of investigations into Savile, but were unconnected to him, included Max Clifford, Rolf Harris and Dave Lee Travis. Investigations into other suspects are continuing.
Savile NHS inquiryReports found Jimmy Savile sexually assaulted victims aged five to 75 between 1962 and 2009 in 28 hospitals, including Broadmoor and Leeds General Infirmary. Reports relating to 13 other NHS organisations, including Stoke Mandeville Hospital, were published in February 2015. The Stoke Mandeville report found Savile abused 63 people connected to the hospital between 1968 and 1992.
Savile BBC inquiryDame Janet Smith is investigating whether culture and practice at the BBC enabled Savile to carry out abuse of children unchecked. It has now finished taking evidence. Her report was expected in May 2015, but its publication has been delayed.
Dept for EducationHeaded by human rights lawyer Lucy Scott-Moncrieff - to look at allegations that Savile abused children in schools and children's homes, from the 1960s to 1980s.

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BBC to broadcast VIP child abuse debunking program as Media goes goes into VIP pedophiles cover-up frenzy

Panorama the BBC's flagship program  announced the BBC are to broadcast in October  a Westminster Pedophile  debunking  program which aims to discredit major child abuse activists.  
One activist Chris Fay, a social worker who has tried for over 30 years to get justice for children abused by VIP's,  is a special target.  Chris  has been pilloried in the Tory press  in the last few days the Telegraph and the Mail  all running stories about him being a lier and fraudster. With the ludicrous spin that it means Sir Leon Britten QC  is an innocent man because Chris Fay made it up. 
The other target  of the BBC  is Bill Maloney  a child abuse survivor and veteran campaigner against child abuse. Who's campaigning  sister recently died in mysterious circumstances. 

The program was thought up by the BBC  as a deflection from  their own criminal and corrupt activities.   For Decades they  harbored within their ranks the serial pedophile and satanist and MI5 agent  Sir Jimmy Savile.  The long awaited report  is so damming of the BBC  they the BBC refuse to publish it 
who refuse to publish   the long awaited 'Smith Review' report into Savile because it so damaging to the BBC and those who run it.  The report shows the  BBC  helped and protected Jimmy Savile to rape hundreds of innocent children some on BBC premises. But the report shows they procured children for Savile to rape. It highlights the number of children who dies in mysterious circumstances and  hints at a child abuse images  being produced on BBC premises  with BBC equipment. 
And amist all these Medi lies and spin and debunking  A MOUNTAIN of files on historic VIP child sex abuse cases is missing.
Documents known as “Red Dockets” from highly sensitive cases have mysteriously vanished from police archives, well-informed sources say.
The revelations, said to feature the names of politicians, showbiz stars and a senior cop, come as a Metropolitan Police inquiry into claims that establishment figures murdered three boys teeters on the verge of collapse.
Files which have disappeared include ones from the infamous 1980s Operation Circus inquiry.
It was shut down after undercover cops allegedly photographed rent boys from London’s Piccadilly Circus with VIPs.
Sources told The Sun it was axed on the orders of then Director of Public Prosecutions, the late Sir Thomas Hetherington.
A DPP official is said to have visited West End Central police station in early 1985 and ordered the inquiry terminated.
An ex-cop said: “A report went to the DPP which identified under-age male prostitutes, their pimps and clients.
“All that information has now gone. The only conclusion is that the DPP authorised the plug to be pulled on it.”
Names of MPs, showbiz stars, industrialists and a Scotland Yard commander cropped up in the Circus inquiry.
Sources told The Sun that “red docket” files — named after their covers’ colour — were placed in a Special Branch registry but have now vanished.
Analysis of audit trails is being carried out on child abuse case files booked out by officers.
Special Branch is under investigation over allegations of nobbling inquiries which would have exposed figures including MP Cyril Smith.
And so-called X4 files containing unsubstantiated information on paedos, said to be “a goldmine”, were shredded.
The Met’s Operation Midland investigation, into allegations MP's were involved in the murders of three boys, was launched after claims by a young man.
The witness, known as Nick, says  he has seen murders at London’s Dolphin Square and to have been abused abroad by foreign VIPs.
Back at the BBC in the 90's murdered crime watch presenter Jill Dando was about to expose the BBC and Jimmy Savile before a gunman put a pistol to her head and pulled the trigger in broad daylight. 

Back in the 70's Former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon has spoken out about being banned from the BBC for comments he made about Jimmy Savile in 1978.

Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten from his days as lead singer of controversial punk band the Sex Pistols, was talking to Piers Morgan in an interview to be broadcast tonight.

The singer was asked about the former TV host and said Savile was: ‘into all sorts of seediness. We all know about it but we’re not allowed to talk about it’.

‘I did my bit, I said what I had to (but they didn’t air that). I found myself banned from BBC radio for quite a while"

And so the cover-ups go on and on.  So  VIP pedophiles like Leon Britten can die peacefully in their expensive beds whilst their victims and  their  victims supporters are pilloried in the media.  A media responsible for helping to cover-up the rape and murder of children for  decades and decades. 

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