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Britain's forced adoption scandal and the pedophiles

If you thought for one minute that Britain is really as it appears to be, you’re very sadly mistaken.
Beneath the pomp and pageantry lies a network of paedophilic depravity, so vile and despicable, it literally beggars belief.
ELM ABUSE HELLblair-cover-up2
From the Elm Guest House scandal to North Wales care home abuse via Dolphin Square; to sickening Warwick Spinks and the Amsterdam connection; from Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne to Kincora in Northern Ireland; from the vile BBC to complicit police and government authorities; from MP’s through to the Royal Family themselves; the whole filthy lot of them are in on it.
Prince Andy PaedoPrince Charles Jimmy Savile
If that wasn’t bad enough, we then have another layer of filth and injustice, via the secret court system and lying social workers who are deliberately snatching children from loving families to be fostered and adopted by total strangers.
Are the two scandals linked?
Most certainly, yes.
You see, according to the Forced Adoption website, a staggering 25,000 children are taken from UK parents every year in a  shocking child-snatch scandal not seen since Pharaoh in biblical times:
Pharoah drowning
” Every year thousands of parents who have committed no crimes are ruthlessly punished when they have their children removed for long term fostering or forced adoption by strangers.
Are there any other cases in our British legal system where ordinary law abiding people are punished without having committed any crime? We don’t know of any !
Parents who have committed no crimes are forbidden by judges in secret family courts to contact their own children. One mother was then jailed for 3 years for speaking to her daughter, and a father jailed for a month for waving at his children in the street”.
Social work misery
The article continues:
” Those who feel they have been unfairly treated by a family court should be free to protest to the media using their own names.
Babies are taken at birth for “risk of emotional abuse” and their mothers are threatened with jail for breach of the privacy of their children if they protest in public .
Children in care have laptops and mobiles confiscated to isolate them from family and friends
When parents are allowed visits, talks are censored and no discussion allowed about the case, going home, or any  abuse by foster carers/social workers otherwise contact stops at once. “
Social Workers LiarsJail Social Workers
” The sad fact is that social workers snatch babies at birth for “forced adoption” by strangers. They say they do this to “protect” them from the “risk of emotional abuse” from hundreds of  mothers who have not committed any crime !
Worse still, those mothers are forbidden to go to the media to protest and threatened with jail if they do ! All subsequent court proceedings leading to “forced adoption” are secret with jail for any family members publicizing, names of parents or children, court documents, or what was said in court.”
Social Worker Lies
Many of these children end up in abusive foster and adoptive homes or anonymous private care homes where anything could happen to them and no-one would ever know.
In fact, many thousands of children go missing from the care system every year but for some unknown reason the authorities refuse to keep proper records so the true figure cannot be verified.
Female MP Abused Boy in CareHodge bitch
How many of these children never return?
Children like Jason Swift from Islington, Salma El Sharkawy from Camden and the Musa family from Hackney are just some of the cases where snatched children’s lives were destroyed by Britain’s despicable Social Services.
Justice is about to descend on this septic isle of ours and the whole filthy network will be exposed once and for all.
When that happens, the despicable colluding social workers, police officers, judges and lawyers will all get what’s fucking coming to them.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Bank Robbers found photographs of Tory Minister raping children and the Police covered it all up.

Everyday a new story emerges of how the Police and the State covered up child sexual abuse !

Brian Reader, known as 'The Guv’nor', and his gang left Child Abuse  pictures involving a Tory Minister on the floor for police to find – only for the Tory Cabinet minister’s crimes to be hushed up

Hatton Gardens heist boss Brian Reader was horrified when his gang broke into a bank vault and found sickening photos of a leading politician abusing children.
But the notorious crook was shocked further when the thieves left the pictures for police to find – only for the Tory Cabinet minister’s crimes to be hushed up.
Reader, known as The Guv’nor, is facing jail for planning last year’s £14million Hatton Garden raid and claims about his previous high-profile break-in can now be revealed for the first time.

MirrorpixLloyds Bank on the corner of Baker Street and Marylebone Road, London where the vault of the bank holding safe deposit boxes was broken into on the night of 11 September 1971
Lloyds Bank on the corner of Baker Street and Marylebone Road, London where the vault of the bank holding safe deposit boxes was broken into on the night of 11 September 1971

The images are said to have been found stashed in a safety deposit box in 1971 when the gang tunnelled into a branch of Lloyds in Baker Street, Central London, and escaped with a £3million haul.
A close confidant of 76-year-old career criminal Reader said: “It was a shock for them when they found photographs of a famous ­politician abusing children.
“The gang were disgusted and left them lying on the floor of the vault for the police to find but nothing was ever done.”

Dave (Daniel Mays) and Terry (Jason Statham) in Tunnel
Daniel Mays Jason Statham in 2008 movie The Bank Job, which was based on the 1971 raid

The Government of the time allegedly forced the press to stop reporting on the burglary as a matter of national security amid allegations raunchy photos of the late Princess Margaret were found in another safety deposit box in the vault.
But the latest claims, revealed to the Daily Mirror, are more disturbing and further evidence of the Establishment cover-up of powerful paedophiles.
We are not naming the politician, who has since died and was never publicly linked to allegations of child sexual abuse.
But we have passed details to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, which is set to examine claims against Labour peer Lord Janner, who died before facing trial for child sexual abuse, and Lib Dem MP Cyril Smith, whose paedophilia was exposed after his death.
Inquiry chairman Judge Goddard said in November: “We will conduct an objective fact-finding inquiry into allegations of abuse by people of public prominence associated with Westminster.

Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon Antony Armstrong Jones

“The investigation will focus on high-profile allegations of child sexual abuse involving current or former Members of Parliament, senior civil servants, Government advisers, and members of the intelligence and security agencies.
“It will consider allegations of cover-up and conspiracy and will review the adequacy of law enforcement responses to these allegations.”
If the images found by Reader had been made public at the time, it would have caused a massive ­political scandal.
In 1971, he was beginning a criminal career spanning five decades which would involve him in raids worth more than £150million and make him Britain’s biggest thief.
His gang had spent months planning the Baker Street job.
They rented a leather goods shop, two doors up from the bank, and then tunnelled 40ft from the shop ­basement into the vaults.

Brian Reader and his late wife Lynne having dinner with friends in Paris in 1970
Brian Reader and his late wife Lynne having dinner with friends in Paris in 1970

Once inside, they ransacked 268 safety deposit boxes – nearly four times the 73 opened by the Hatton Garden gang.
The source said: “Brian was not well when he did Baker Street because he was only a few months out of hospital after falling on his head on another job.
“But he has great stamina and wasn’t going to miss the chance of pulling off Britain’s biggest ever burglary.”
The raid remains the largest in British history despite claims Hatton Garden was larger.
In today’s money the £3million stolen would be equivalent to about £41million.
Four men were convicted of the crime, including photographer Tony Gavin, and were jailed for up to 12 years, but Reader escaped prosecution.
A second source, a gang member, previously told the Mirror in 2008 that child pornography was found in the vaults but did not give further details.
He said: “We were disgusted and left it in their open boxes so police could trace the owners.
We didn’t want to take anything that might give us extra trouble. All we wanted was cash and jewels.”
At the time of the raid, Princess Margaret’s marriage to Antony Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon, was in its final stages.
In the 60s and 70s the Queen’s sister was known to party hard on the Caribbean island of Mustique, where she was pictured with lover Roddy Llewellyn, a landscape gardener 17 years her junior.

She is said to have taken snaps of male friends frolicking naked but it is not known if any were ever taken of her.
The ex-raider would only say: “I can’t talk about that.”
Describing preparations for the break-in, the crook added: “Before we got started, myself and an accomplice dressed up in bowler hats and pinstripes and went into the bank.
“We were able to measure out the distance from the wall to the vault using an umbrella so we could calculate how far we needed to tunnel and didn’t end up popping up in the wrong place.”

GettyMichael X (aka Michael de Freitas or Michael Abdul Malik, 1933 - 1975)
Killer Michael X

They tunnelled under the Chicken Inn restaurant next to the bank and used explosives to blast through 3ft of ­reinforced concrete.
The concrete was not wired to the alarm system as it was thought to be impenetrable. Eight tons of rubble were excavated and left behind.
The raider said: “When we finally came up I was unable to fit through the hole and could only stick my head in. But others got in and grabbed the boxes.”
Reader was too sick to help with the drilling but was among those who got into the vault to force open the boxes.
The first source said: “He was very good at opening them and soon the vault was piled high with empty boxes.”
One of the boxes belonged to Michael X, a drug dealer and Black Power leader who was convicted of murder and hanged in Trinidad in 1975.
The story of the break-in was made into 2008 film The Bank Job, starring Jason Statham and Daniel Mays.

A second source, a gang member, previously told the Mirror in 2008 that child pornography was found in the vaults but did not give further details.
He said: “We were disgusted and left it in their open boxes so police could trace the owners.
We didn’t want to take anything that might give us extra trouble. All we wanted was cash and jewels.”
At the time of the raid, Princess Margaret’s marriage to Antony Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon, was in its final stages.
In the 60s and 70s the Queen’s sister was known to party hard on the Caribbean island of Mustique, where she was pictured with lover Roddy Llewellyn, a landscape gardener 17 years her junior.


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Westminster Pedophile Ring evidence stolen to order, Police,CPS lawyers and Judges all in it together

So many knew about Child Sexual abuse and turned a blind eye. Then covered it up shredded documents and obfuscated the situation.

Then digging a deeper and deeper hole they stole CSA evidence, arresting and setting-up  whistle-blowers and victims.  To achieve their goals they even used plausible deniability foot-soldiers to do their dirty work, foot-soldiers  like Mathew Pike and Robert Ostler below.

Mathew Pike, Holyhead  and Robert Ostler St Albans who stole CSA evidence to order 

Pike and Ostler stole, from secure storage, evidence and thousands of documents from Child Abuse Whistle-blower Andrea Davison after she was forced to flee the UK and seek Political Asylum In July 2012.  The  stolen  evidence and documents  would have blown the lid of the VIP child abuse scandal.  
Mathew Pike who teaches children to shoot at the Vaynol Tunnel Rifle Club  in North Wales

Back in January 2010  Derby Police under instructions from Chief Constable Mick Creedon.(The same Mick Creedon who protected pedophile Lord Greville Janner from prosecution in the 70's.)  and the notoriously corrupt North Wales Police raided Andrea Davison's Home.   They removed every document from the property including the Westminster pedophile evidence.  But after inspecting their haul of stolen documents they realized they had found mostly photocopies  and no videos or  tapes. But the photocopies were explosive so the hunt was on to locate and steal the originals and the videos and tapes.  Enter Pike and Ostler

Where this evidence now?

Helped by the Police Pike and Ostler  also stole two  of Andreas vehicles and thousands  of pounds worth of property  from Andrea and her friend.   Not satisfied with this and just to cause maximum grief and distress they also stole Andrea’s 10 year old cat ' Miss Kitty' and held her to ransom. 

The Yorkshire and North Wales Police, Judge Nic Parry  together with the Crown Prosecution Service and the Courts supported  Pike and Ostler to keep both stolen vehicles,  a Land Rover  called Olive and an MGF Abingdon called Maggie.  The thieves were also allowed to keep  their haul of stolen property worth thousands of pounds. But where were the documents!
MGF stolen by Pike and Ostler. This car has never been found  

There was nothing Andrea could do faced with this conspiracy between the Police, the Prosecution Service and the Courts. Andreas legal team demanded the return of the Vehicles  and contents  and asked the Court for an Order.

Robert Ostler through his Police handlers  said  he had placed everything he had taken into the back of the Land Rover including the documents. As for the stolen  MGF  Mathew Pike  through his police handlers told the court it had been scrapped and so it was not possible to return it.  The Police and Court were very happy Pike had stolen Andreas MGF  and had it illegally scrapped.  And we thought it was a  source of major crime to scrap  vehicles without documents or ownership. Apparently not!.

In February 2015  a Judge was forced to Order that the stolen Land Rover  be returned to Andrea.  But the Police and the Thieves refused to say where it was  being kept except that it was in St Albans. They also refused to return the keys. When it was stolen it was taxed, tested and insured   and had just had a new set of wheels and tyres.

 Eventually Yorkshire Detective  Craig Law , whose name turns up in the Hillsborough inquiry, admitted it was an Hammonds Farm in St Albans but refused to say more. So the Hunt was on for the Land Rover  and the missing evidence.   Enter the redoubtable Ian Puddick  a veteran campaigner against Police corruption.  

Ian scoured Hammonds  Farm looking for the stolen Land  Rover  and contents.  After many hours of searching he eventually found Olive.   She had been stripped and trashed  and all the valuable contents  were missing.  The prosecution never the less have valued the Land Rover  at nearly  three thousands  pounds and expect Andrea to sell it for this amount and give the money to the Police under the  proceeds of crime act.  You could not make it up!

Pictures taken of Olive by Veteran campaigner  Ian Puddick

Following the Court Order  to return the Land Rover Andrea's  legal team  received a remarkable scan from Andrew West of the Crown Prosecution service. The scan showed that evidence and documents were in the hands of Crown Prosecutor Andrew West. The Thieves had given the evidence and documents  to their Police Handlers who in turn were working with corrupt Prosecutors and Judges.

So what did Police and Crown Prosecution and Crown Court Judges arrange to be stolen from Andrea Davison?  This is a short  list:-

a)    The Tony Blair file contained notes, documents, research and correspondence with Tony Blair and Alun Michael when in the 90’s Tony Blair (then shadow Home Secretary) was involved in gathering evidence of police corruption, child abuse and exploitation. This file included information and evidence on VIP paedophiles such as Morrison and Leon Brittan.   This file also contained correspondence with Tony Blair and Kenneth Clarke and Andrea.

b)    Geoffrey Dickens file contained  correspondence with Geoffrey Dickens on NI terrorism, Gladdio   and child exploitation. Contemporaneous notes and documents this file included all or part of the so called ‘missing’ Dickens dossiers’

 c)     Project Babylon and the select committee notes and correspondence. Much which has never been made public.

d)    Legal file of  Andrea's friend concerning the property seized from him by the Police in January 2010 and not returned. Included lists and receipts for his Gold Jewelery plus his Rolex and Brieitling watches siezed by the police. (Although not interviewed , arrested or  charged the police and corrupt prosecutors  retain his property) Privileged letters from his solicitors.

e)   Andrea Davison’s legal file including privileged letters from her solicitors about the on-going case. Evidence to assist with an appeal.

f)      Gerald Kaufman, Neil Kinnock and Alan Rogers files including correspondence. Planning concerning the exposure of arms to Iraq before this became public. Meetings and intelligence reports. Including meetings with customs.

 g)    Scott Inquiry file. Containing letters to and from Sir Richard Scott’s Inquiry office. Copies of evidence presented to the Inquiry. Secret communications with customs and intelligence reports. All documents following the exposure of arms to Iraq. Meetings contemporaneous notes.

 h)    Children in Care file. Care Homes Approved Schools, Borstals and Remand Homes. Kincora, Islington, Lambeth etc. Investigation into the systematic abuse and trafficking of children in care.  It also included interviews with victims of abuse and copies of affidavits from victims of child abuse. Details of the investigation into the profitable child sex trade industry. Intelligence on Dolphin Square and the Westminster Paedophile Ring and PIE

i)       Various files with company headings such as Seacomsar concerning covert arms shipments and terrorism original documents and copies.

 j)      Police Corruption file. Documents and evidence concerning police corruption mainly dealing with terrorism, the child sex trade, child exploitation and the cover-up of same.

 k)     Security and intelligence and customs files including reports.

 l)       Mr Brock a senior NATO financial officer and the investigation into the fraud he committed

 m) Journalistic material in several files when Andrea was  researching/contributing to Scallywag, Spiked and Business Age magazines and producing a restricted magazine  which was distributed to MP’s.. Plus material gathered, work and unfinished manuscript.

 N)  Diaries and a large amount of taped evidence and a small amount of video evidence concerning  child abuse, police corruption and arms dealing.

Some of the stolen documents  was  correspondence between Andrea,  Davith Wigley MP  and the Home Office.  The details of these letters was kept secret  and held by the Cabinet office in their secret child abuse files. These secret files were only recently forced into the open  following  'The Sun's ' campaign  to get the Cabinet Office to admit they had them

Thursday, 21 January 2016

What links Lord Bramall and Lord Tenby to child trafficking from Wales to the Westminster Pedophile Ring

Pedophile supporters and victim bashers  have climbed on the the Bandwagon. They demand that child abuse survivor 'Nick' is prosecuted hung drawn and quartered for daring to accuse his 'betters' of raping him.

Before police 'close the file' on the allegations against Lord Edwin Bramall they should consider the significant links between Lord Bramall and Lord Tenby, otherwise known as William ("Bill") Lloyd George, 3rd Viscount Tenby.

Lord Tenby resides today in a tiny, obscure little village called Crondall, near Farnham and surprise, surprise, so does Lord Bramall

In 1994, 'Scallywag' Magazine published the following statements about Lord Tenby in connection with a child trafficking ring then operating between the 'Bryn Alyn Community' children's homes in North Wales, and private residences in Westminster (including Dolphin Square) and elsewhere, to which children were trafficked to be raped:

"Also implicated is the prominent Tory freemason Lord Tenby, whose son was part of the paedophile ring, and who not only tried to cover up the police involvement (Tenby was a high flyer on the police committee) but actively attempted to have the inspector promoted, even though he was then under investigation."

Link to the original Scallywag article here:

Lord Bramall  and Lord Tenby are more than just friends and neighbors they have many links and not just to the Westminster pedophile Ring and North Wales.

  •  In 1994 (as per the highlighted text above), Scallywag magazine linked Lord Tenby to the alleged paedophile ring and child trafficking operation that saw children from care homes in Wrexham and its environs ferried to Dolphin Square in Pimlico, Hove and other locations.
  • Lord Bramall, it has been alleged, likewise sexually abused children in Dolphin Square which is in turn linked to Wrexham and North Wales through the alleged child trafficking operation that ran between the two locales (as well as to others in England
  •  According to 'Who's Who 2016', Lord Tenby has an Army background, having previously served as a captain in the Royal Welsh Fusilliers, the Headquarters of which is located in Wrexham. Lord Bramall likewise has a substantial Army background, having formerly been head of the British Army.
  • Lord Tenby served in the House of Lords, where he chose to sit as a Cross-bench peer.Lord Bramall likewise served in the House of Lords - he likewise chose to sit as a Cross-bench peer.
  •  Lord Tenby is 88 years old.Lord Bramall is almost exactly the same age, 92 years old.

Both Lord Bramall and Lord Tenby are recent members of the House of Lords - both sat as Cross-benchers - both are the same age and both with Army backgrounds - both linked to child sexual abuse at Dolphin Square (in turn linked to Wrexham) - and both residing in the same obscure, very small village called Crondall.

So have the Police spoken to Lord Tenby about child sexual abuse, trafficking, and the  cover-up?

Lord Bramwell also was part of , notorious pedophile of 'Kincora' fame .Lord Mountbatton's staff and inner circle.

One thing is for certain both these men were at the very least involved in the cover-up.  We believe Nick and those survivors  who gave information to Scallywag back in 1994.

read more:-

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Top Labour Politician covered up child rape by Top Tory Politician Sir Peter Morrison

Peter McKelvie has given me permission to publish a letter he sent to a senior Labour politician on 3rd August. No reply has been received as of today (8th August). The politician’s name has been redacted for the time being.
Dear (name redacted)
I am a retired Child Protection professional and the person who contacted Tom Watson, MP, in September 2012, as a result of which he asked a PMQ on 24th October 2012 regarding a paedophile ring with links to No.10, a question which led to the Metropolitan Police setting up Operation Fairbank/Fernbridge, which I ‘m sure you will be aware is both ongoing and rapidly expanding following significant witnesses at long last coming forward to tell the truth about the alleged appalling collusion of senior politicians of all the main political parties in the alleged abuse carried out by their colleagues.
I was sickened to the stomache when I first heard Edward Heath’s Chief Whip, the late Tim Fortescue’s account on Michael Cockerell’s 1995 BBC documentary of how Whips covered up criminal activity by MP’s towards young children and I don’t need to tell you the revulsion I felt towards our political masters having worked with sexually abused children over a 30 year period when I heard of how the Whips ran the Dirt Book system.
I was very pleased to see the BBC Newsnight team show the Tim Fortescue interview again on 7th July this year because survivors of abuse now have more strength, belief and courage than politicians are going to be braced for. Time is on their side and this time they will not go away until they get the answers they deserve.
I wrote to David Cameron on 16th September 2013 asking him to set up an independent body to examine the allegations of abuse by elite groups within the Establishment and said ” It would be better if you led such an exercise before it is forced upon you by public demand. THE LATTER WILL HAPPEN IN TIME “
Not only did people power win the day on the demand for an independent inquiry but it further demonstrated to politicians that survivors and their supporters would not accept token gestures such as the appointment of puppet figures to lead such an Inquiry.
My reason for writing to you is very specific.
You will be aware how the evidence against Peter Morrison has become much more specific in recent months culminating in a statement by Barry Strevens, Mrs. Thatcher’s personal bodyguard that he warned her that Morrison was ” involved in sex parties with under-age boys “
Graham Nicholls, who ran the Chester Trades Council when Morrison was Chester’s MP, wrote the following :- 
” After the 1987 General Election, around 1990, I attended a meeting of Chester Labour Party where we were informed by the agent, Christine Russell, that Peter Morrison would not be standing in 1992. He had been caught in the toilets at Crewe Station with a 15 year boy. A deal was struck between Labour, the local Tories, the local press and the Police that if he stood down at the next election the matter would go no further. Morrison walked away scot – free. “
An Independent Inquiry will need to examine this alleged scenario in forensic detail.
For the last 2 years I have been working closely with a very trusted, committed and dedicated team of retired police officers, investigative journalists and child protection managers and we will do everything in our power to assist and support survivors to get the answers as to who colluded over the horrific abuse they suffered at the hands of powerful individuals.
Survivors have shown enough faith in some of our group to disclose historical abuse that they have felt too frightened to talk about for decades.
It is through my work with this group that I have now received from 3 seperate sources an account of an alleged role that you personally played in the cover up over Peter Morrison’s rape of children and young people which he allegedly carried out in the full knowledge of senior politicians of all main parties.

This is the gist of the allegations :-
” A British Aerospace Trade Union Convenor said a member said he was raped by Peter Morrison as a child  – the Convenor went to the National HQ of the union who put it to Labour front bench. (name redacted) was saying that the Tory Front Bench had been approached. “
This I’m sure you will agree is very specific.
A second and third source confirms these allegations and it is alleged that these conversations first took place at a 1993/4 Xmas party hosted by the Welsh Parliamentary Labour Party.
I would like to give you the opportunity to address these allegations as they implicate you in a very serious cover up of the rape of a child.
Obviously I have no way of knowing whether the statements of other people are true but I will certainly present the allegations to the Independent Inquiry and demand that everyone involved is interviewed on oath.

Yours sincerely
Peter McKelvie

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